Why is WB planning a JLA movie before Wonder Woman or Aquaman?


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Jul 22, 2013
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I have serious doubts on how a JLA movie would work when the two characters who need an origin story the most are the ones not getting them. Not only are there multiple retcons regarding both characters origins but simply having Diana fight Ares or Circe without and Orin face off against Black Manta without backstory would just be awkward.

Does anyone else here want to see JLA get delayed in favor of two more solo films and maybe another Superman or Batman sequel?
Also, Thor proved that a comic book movie based on ancient myths can turn a profit, which makes hiding Wonder Woman and Aquaman WB's bed that much more tragic.
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Nobody wants a Wonder Woman movie more than me. But I don't think her origin's all that necessary. I'm betting at some point someone's gonna give "the headcount", and offhandedly mention that she's related to the the Greek Gods.

Look, this isn't gonna be the Avengers, but even they had to kinda wedge it in there who most of these guys were, solo movie or no.

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