Why We Admire Bruce Wayne/Batman


Dec 4, 2007
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I was at work today and i was thinking, "What is it, honestly, about Batman that i really look up to and admire more than any other fictional character?". I mean why do i watch Batman Begins a lot, why do i love the comics? I started to ponder it.

Part of me sees him as a person who is completely unselfish. I think he is the only totally selfless superhero. He doesn't go through the whole, "what about my life and what i want?" bs. he just worries about protecting Gotham and the people he cares about and risks his entire life and happiness for it. And it makes it that much cooler when you see something good happen in his character arc b/c you see what he goes through as a human being to try and be something most would be too afraid to be.

Anyway, what are some things you admire about Batman?
I don't admire bruce wayne or batman but I do like Batman because the moment I saw him as a kid, I grew an obsession with anything that looked like Batman. His design is what got me interested... and then I started getting more into the mythology and everything about the character was just very appealing to me.
He could've turned out to be the playboy that he portrays, instead he became something greater.
I agree with you Fh. Batman to me has always been fascinating simply because he has chosen this path. He wasn't born with powers, given powers through some strange accident or whatever.
He watched something horrible happen, and instead of becoming a drunk billionaire, or just letting his money sooth his pain and forgetting about it, he decided to do something about it.
And unlike many of us, he stuck to it with a fervor and an iron will.
He challenged himself to become the best at martial arts and investigation, strategy and deductive reasoning, and he never ever quit.
If most people had even gone so far as to train and plan, his first night would have been enough to make most people go, "Ok, thats it, I'm done with this." and they would have just left it to the cops.
But not Bruce Wayne. Not Batman.
He has a determination to make things right in the world, not because he can lift rocks or shoot lasers from his eyes, but because he's not going to quit until his city is a safer place to be. He's not ever going to think to himself, "Eh, I don't really feel like it tonight."
He's just a man, but he's a man with the courage and the unstoppable drive to bring justice.

That is why I admire Bruce Wayne/Batman.
He punches people in the face, then has sex with Catwoman. What's NOT to admire?
His greatest appeal that he stands on the soldier of giants and all his achievements have been made through hard work and determination.

with that respect he is truelly relatable (money providing).
I agree with that. It's because he had to work for it, and he could've given up at any point and no-one would have judged him.

But he didn't.

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