(Wiki) Dc has all of these movies coming out?

I think all of those were actually announced at one time, but it was several years ago and since then many have been cancelled/postpone indefinitely. Basically it needs updated. It's more that no one has been updating it, not that people added things that shouldn't be in there...basically all of those were announced to be in development at one time or another, but it never went any further than pre-production on any of them except presumably Justice League.
All of those movies are in development, but the dates should not be on there. Wonder Woman and Flash have been in development for a decade. The Batman reboot I believe is tentatively slated for 2016.
Green Lantern 2 won't happen the first one didnt even make a profit
Yeah they would reboot it if they ever do anything with it.
Green Lantern 2 won't happen the first one didnt even make a profit


there is a Green lantern 2 still planned the president at warner bros. said that they had a "decent" premiere and that there is an audience for it they also said that they were not "pleased" with the director (i don't really think it was the director's fault he was just kind of stuck with ****** screenplay) so the director of the second one is going to be different but their going to keep the writers, screenplay writers and producer

he went in to say that the sequel will be darker and more edgy and will try to spend as much time in space as on earth
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According to Wikipedia.org, Flash, Green Lantern 2 and Aquaman are all coming out in 2014 and Wonder Woman, Batman and The Justice League are all coming out in 2015. The only one that I know is true, is JL in 2015. They shouldn't just let anyone update wiki, with just anything they want.


there are no build up movies accept Man of Steel (Most Likely) and Green Lantern (maybe)

all the stand alone movies (Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman Reboot) are coming after the JL movie

so WB is doing the opposite of what Marvel did
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