The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Will Marvel Studios and Sony Try Again?


Nov 3, 2011
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As many of us know, last year we came close to history.

Due to how much Joss Whedon and others in the Marvel Studios camp loved "Avengers" production designer J. Michael Riva's design for Oscorp Tower in The Amazing Spider-Man, there were talks of including it in The Avengers and, effectively, tying the two series together.

It very nearly happened. However, due to the CG model for the tower being incomplete by the time Avengers entered the 3D conversion process, they were unable to include it.

Since then, Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad said they are open to such easter eggs and, if the story was right, could even consider a crossover.

With that said, could Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, now with more time to plan and sync such a task, try again to tie the 2 universes together and could it lead to more easter eggs, or even a crossover, in the future?
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I'd be really excited for that, man. Spider-Man and the Avengers. Who wouldn't want that?

Of course there are those certain issues that stand but wouldn't Spider-Man in the Avengers make so much money? Can't keep my hopes up for that haha.
Anything is possible at this point.
It isn't too late yet.
I'd love to see little Easter Egg tie-ins, but actual crossovers would be a bad idea, IMO.
Forbes just recently had an article about why Spider-Man maybe headed to Avengers sequels and when I clicked on it, it got taken down...weird
Yes we definitely need Avi Arad involved in the MCU sarcasm
Yes we definitely need Avi Arad involved in the MCU sarcasm

He was head of Marvel Entertainment for a number of years, but I see your point.

Odds are, Spidey would still be treated as a separate entity should the tie in and/or crossovers happen. Avi would still be on Spidey.

The only person who, even now, works both sides is Kevin Feige.

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