Will there be a Hot Toys Catwoman?


Jun 15, 2012
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Since there is a batman and now a bane, will there be a catwoman coming out?
I'm sure there will be at some point.
Depending on how well it turned out, this may be my first Hot Toys figure. Anne was incredible as Selina/ Catwoman.

Hot Toys has definitely delivered with their line-up for TDKR...

  • DX Batman (the Bale head-sculpt is eerie yet amazing)
  • Bane
  • Catwoman
  • Camouflage Tumbler
  • The Bat-Pod
  • The Bat
I am quite sure a Hot Toys Catwoman will be teriffic. They've done a number of female figures from genre films that have been great, like Black Widow from the Avengers, Sucker Punch's Baby Doll and Amber, and Silken Floss from the Spirit. All were excellent figures, I am sure they will do Catwoman Justice.
I hope so, ive never had a girl figure. The other toys might get excited when they all come alive every night a la toy story. As i know they do.
Well, just to give you an idea how Hot Toys handles femake figures from mmovies, here's a review of their Black Widow figure from Iron Man 2:
I am quite confident the Catwoman figure will be at least as well done as this one.
I'm eager to see more from this figure. Every time I log onto the internet I'm checking up on it.
Catwoman will be unveiled Friday at Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong.
And... here... she .. is:
The goggles are pleasantly accurate. And with the goggles down, that figure is going to look SICK on the Hot Toys Bat-Pod. I'll pre-ordering as soon as a page is up for it.

I wonder what accessories she'll have.
I MUST own this!
I am new to collecting. I only really ever bought Catwoman figures...So I have never really paid attention to Hot Toys before. How tall are their figures?
12 inches, or 1/6 scale.

Thanks for the reply! I think I might start saving my pennies now... I will have to do it in secret or my boyfriend might leave me. He already thinks my 6 inch collection is crazy! :cwink:
I've been saving for this figure for a good while. People can call me crazy all they want - nobody is getting in my way :D

Hopefully they put the pre-order and specifications page up soon.
Depends. I think the DX figures have sold out quicker recently, and the other figures are a little slower, but I could be wrong. The Bane figure for instance is a MM and is still available for pre-order.
They're pretty much always available on eBay, might be a tad more expensive though, with the bidding and all.

That's stunning!
Any idea when a pre order might be up??
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Found this new image of the figure!

I had some issues with Nolan's take on the costume, but as far as replicating that look and Anne's likeness in 1/4 scale I have to say that's awesome.

Then I had some fun...


... by using this crop in a discussion about Catwoman's look in TDKR--jaws dropped when I said they we're looking at a doll :)
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