Wolverine and the X-Men Season 2


Jul 31, 2012
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I think wolverine and the x-men should focus on trying to "recreate" Emma frost, well they find pieces of her from all around the world and try to match them together. But MR Sinister constantly orders the Marauders to get the pieces before the x-men for his work on genetic engeneering. Scott and Jean have an on and off relationship as Jean thinks Scott has fallen in love with Emma. Once they recreate her they later find out that the Phoenix is still built inside her, which causes her to stay in her diamond form, Jean then proposes that if Emma changes back to her normal form Jean might be able to defeat the Phoenix, anyway Jean and Emma have a psychic battle and the Phoenix leaves Emma's body and together Jean and Emma trap the Phoenix in the Psychic plane.

That's the first half of Season 2!!

The second half of Season 2 should be the battle of Apocolypse where Jean could tap into the Phoenix's power again or just as they're about to die The professor echos in their heads for them to carry on. Or something like that

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It would have been nice to see the AoA storyline play out. I know Apocalypse is used a lot in a bunch of X-men stuff, but next to magneto, he has always been my favorite villain for the X-men. The first part of the series trying to get Emma back would be cool. I would love to see all the AoA versions of the X-men that'd be in present day.
Hey thanks i like Apocalypse too if you have any versions of WOlverine and the x-men season 2 email me with yours

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