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Wonder Woman Concept Art

Happy Mutt

Aug 31, 2012
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I thought Gina Carano would make a pretty decent Wonder Woman after watching 'Haywire'

Check her out on my Facebook art page! LINK

Love the more "hoplite" look, with the warskirt and all... Would be awesome to draw a pair of sandals to match the outfit!
Absolutely beautiful work. I am still a big fan of that roman style skirt/armor for the bottoms. It seems more in keeping with who she is and where she is from than the pants. Everything else is in the money.


It would be awesome to see a version incorporating that.
Maybe larger wings and forming the breastplate?
Really really loving that Gina Carano as Wonder Woman concept art. It is spot on how I envision the costume to look for a film trilogy. Very nicely done. Liking you on Facebook for that..

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