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Jul 9, 2012
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There may already be threads out there discussing the possibility of a Wonder Woman movie, but I wasn't able to find anything worthwhile.

So, thought I would start one of my own. Been reading a lot about how they may very well go through with a new Wonder Woman movie, especially since the success of Avengers will likely lead to a Justice League flick.

So, with Wonder Woman being the only real female character that is usable in Justice League (sure you can argue that) they would need to have this first. So looking at WW vilains there really aren't a lot...

Most of the WW story is based on Greek mythos. Diana became Wonder Woman, who was Aphrodite's or Athena's (can't remember which) champion.

So this seems to be the best place for this origin movie to be. In fact I think it would be best if almost the entire movie was focused on Diana and her life on Paraise Island and how she competed, against her mother's desires, to become the champion (Wonder Woman).

The whole movie could be about how Zues fell in love with Di's mommy and how he made all (or at least most) of the gods grant her (as an infant) gifts. Spped and flight from Hermes, wisdom and strategy from Athena, beuty from Aphrodite, etc.

Then the queen (Di's mommy) can make the decision that man's world is getting out of control and that she was given a vision, by the gods, that a champion would need to be sent to fight for justice, etc...

Ares on the other hand would not want this, since he kind of likes the whole world at war stuff. He might sponsor his own champion, whom he grants with power. This is where the movie's direct "villain" comes in.

For this I would recommend using Orana, or at least a character similar in concept. Some one who truly believes that they are superior and who is being manipulated by Ares. And although many able bodies Amazonians compete, it is Di and Orana who are the obvious front runners.

The competition would include four races, one for each element (water, earth, fire and air). Di would win two and Orana, mainly because of Ares' influence and/or because Di gives up winning in order to save other competitors who were put into harm's way by Orana, also wins 2. This leads to a final one-on-one, hand-to-hand battle with Diana becomming the champion.

She is then revieled as the Queen's daughter, you get some good mommy/daughter stuff, and then she departs for the U.S.

The movie could end (or post credits scene) with Diana ariving in the U.S. and/or having some cameo interaction with Superman, in which there could even be some obvious attraction.

Anyway, you can see I went out of my way not to include Steve Trevor. Just think that he would take away from the good stuff. Guess he could be included as an initial love interest and reason why Diana decides to compete, but just not sure he is needed.

Of course with Di winning Ares would be pissed, setting up the only really good nemesis for a second movie.

So, what do you guys think?

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