Wonder Woman vs. Storm


Sep 29, 2007
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I'm just curious to see which female is more popular on this board.

So who is cooler, Wonder Woman or Storm?

Obviously, I vote for Storm. What about you guys?
Before her eyes even went white, WW would have already ripped Storm's head off.

By the way, these versus threads go in the RPG/Games forum now.
Storm wouldn't last a minute in a contest with Wonder Woman!!

Marvel vs DC had it so wrong but I feel I know why they did it that way. They needed to create an Amalgam character (Amazon) from the two and they needed Storm to win...WHY, because visually it's more striking to have a black Wonder Woman rather than a white Storm. And she did look hot!!


They did it because the fight was determined by fan votes. All it proved was that Storm is more popular than Wonder Woman.
They did it because the fight was determined by fan votes. All it proved was that Storm is more popular than Wonder Woman.

Pretty much.

I would actually say that Storm and Wonder Woman are almost equal in popularity. The movies and cartoons have helped Storm out a lot in public recognition.

IMHO, Storm 45%, Wonder Woman 55%
LoL, storm has an afro now. That's how we know she has personality...
Wonder Woman.

WW is more popular. Storm isn't really magnificently popular... some people actual outright dislike Storm, for various reasons. The only reason she's perceived as popular is because she was the number one female, recognizability and merchandising-wise at Marvel for a decade or so.
Wonder Woman hands down. That's a catfight I wouldn't mind seeing though...:woot:
I like them both about the same. The only real difference is, I like WW better in solo stories, but I don't really have any interest in her being part of the JLA, or the "trinity." And with Storm, it's the opposite. I love her when she's in X-Men stories, but I hate the pairing with BP.
Storm and Wonder Woman may be equal in popularity.Storm, her real name is Ororo Munroe is cooler and more interesting because she had competitions with a lot of x-men ladies as well as marvel ladies and still stand out even though she's not the most powerful.WW just had a few competition, and was given an ongoing solo comics as well as powerful. But if she was less powerful or if it was stated that Supergirl will really beat her, i don't think WW would be popular.

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