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Working on a re-edit of Revenge of the Sith


May 13, 2012
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List of changes

New opening crawl

*Open with the Uttapu (Grevious vs Obi-Wan) battle and the order 66 scenes to illustrate the war.
*Introduce Anakin with his nightmare about Padmes death, separating him from all the Jedi warriors with his place as a lover.
*Develop Anakins frustration with the Jedi (his meeting with Yoda, etc), while keeping Obi-Wan out of this part of the film.
*Contrast the Jedi's handling of Anakins worries with Palpatines comforting friendship.
*Change the conversations involving the hunt for Grievous to Dooku.
*The last scene we see of Palpatine and Anakin together before the courescant battle is the opera scene with the "Legend of Darth Plagueis the wise". Change the editting to imply Anakin is catching on to his true nature.
*Use footage of Obi-Wan's destress signal from Bail Orgona and footage of the burning Courescant to make it appear as if the seperatists have attacked.
*Cue battle of Courescant, Obi-Wan and Anakin together as friends for the first and last time in the film.
*It will be easy enough to edit Grevious out of the whole sequence as he doesn't do much here. Placing emphasis on the battle between Dooku and Anakin.
*This makes the scene the new turning point in the film. Anakin fights Dooku using his rage to overpower him then Palpatine tells him to kill him, I will extend the pause between Anakins actions to show he his thinking and he choosing his wife. Killing Dooku showing he knows he needs Palpatines teachings.
*Show them fleeing the room and cut to the battle/ the crashing of the ship, ending the sequence.
*The next scene will be Obi-Wan greeting Anakin fair well as he leaves the planet.
*Anakin then goes to Mace Windu to reveal he thinks Palpatine is a Sith Lord, this proves to the audience Anakin has deduced this for himself and he is conflicted/guilty about his choices he made on the ship.
*The next scene will show the beginning of the arrest, ending after "are you threatening me Master Jedi"
*Next will show Anakin thinking in the council room as Palpatine communicates with him through the force, showing just how conflicted he is. Finally leaving to go help him.
*We see Anakin running to his speeder and off to save the Palps.
*Anakin Arrives and we see what he sees, Mace Windu backing Palpatine into the wall, but we cut the scarred frightening version of him, begging for help and mercy.
*Anakin then proceeds to cut off Windus hand and Order 66 ensues.
*The rest of the film is fairly similar, the Yoda vs Palpatine fight is kept off screen for dramatic effect (we see Yoda fight earlier in the film and only hear that Palpatine had won and he had failed.)
*The surgery scene is cut all we see is the helmet going on to Anakins head.
*Padmes death is left out allowing for Leia to remember her in Return of the Jedi.
*The rest of the movie is the same.

Anyway this is going to be quite the endeavor but I am fairly excited.
So...how do you justify putting Order 66 at the beginning, but then having Palpatine rescued by Jedi later in the film?

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