WorldofKJ review

tonytr1687 said:
Wheres the thread on it?

Um, I don't remember, I'll look for it and post a link.

But I read that review today before I went to work.
One of the few overall mediocre/negative reviews, right?

Well it's his opinion, but i see he mentioned Harry's site. Hmmmmm
I think many critics are thrown by the energetic pace....the action is so good that it *seems* to dominate simply because it stands out.

A gentler introduction would have worked here, to ease people in to thge movie as they rustled around with their bags of sweeties....
without all the remarks to ratner and x2...I think this is how many of the mainstream reviews will sound once the movie hits and is screened and reviewed by major american critics...but the positive ones are so far outweighing the negative ones...we should look at the main points of concern and complaints in both the positive and negative far one constant has been the running time.

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