World's Finest Film instead?

Mr. Dent

Aug 8, 2012
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So, I think it's pretty obvious and acknowledged that if WB/DC goes ahead with this as things are now the results will be pretty disastrous if not a straight flop. As such, I thought we could give our ideas on how WB should go about this (hell, maybe a miracle will happen and an executive will come across this forum one day).

I thought of one idea today while on another forum. What if WB knixed the JLA title and call it "World's Finest" with only Batman and Superman starring? This will enable WB/DC to introduce a new Batman without having to release a completely rebooted film franchise right off the bat, tie MoS Superman in with another character, and still let them have their superhero team-up movie while keeping it small enough in scope where you can focus not only on the main team-up story but also Batman's backstory. Best of all, it won't overwhelm viewers with too many new characters, none of which had a film in the past besides Superman and an out-of-continuity Batman anyway.

From there, they can just work their way up to a real JLA movie, which would be easier for DC to pull off since Batman and Superman would have crossed over early on. I'd go World's Finest (Superman and Batman; starring Superman while introducing Batman sort of like the Superman TAS episode) -> The Brave and the Bold -> (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and maybe Green Arrow/Flash) -> Full on JLA movie. This would essentially form a "prequel" team-up trilogy for DC's "phase one" and provide even more backbone for their universe than Marvel had. The team up movies would also buy DC an appropriate amount of time to release a full blown Batman reboot before that final JLA movie. That's not even mentioning the Wonder Woman and Green Arrow/Flash films they would have produced between movies as well.
Just noticed this thread. I suppose this could go there. If a mod thinks this is too derivative then go ahead an close, I'll just post my idea there.

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