Would you like to see a "Logan" style send off for Iron Man?

Discussion in 'Iron Man Sequels' started by Silvermoth, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Silvermoth

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    Hi everyone,

    Well, it looks like there's could be a serious chance Robert Downey Jnr might not come back. How would you like to send him off?

    I would love a Logan style goodbye to him, a proper send off and celebration of what he has achieved. I would make the tone the opposite of Logan though, instead of gritty (which works for him) I would make it overly futuristic and ask if that's made Tony happy. Then I would do it like citizen Kane, tell the story of a guy who has everything but nothing that he needs.

    And the style would be a bit like this

  2. DrCosmic

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    First of all, as much as Iron Man is one of my least favorite Avengers, as much as I have been totally 'blah' about his over emphasis in the MCU, I absolutely would love to see a film called 'Tony Stark' that sort of examined the core of the man and handed off the IM-ishness to someone else. I think the Doomquest storyline from the comics would be a great starting point, in terms of time travel. It also might be a great place to have some narrative conceit, or establish the narrative conceit by which actors change, and simply have Tony experience some symbolic death or regeneration.

    It has potential, though one has to make it clear that it's not just IM3 again: "see Tony Stark's mind is the real super power" and it also isn't really in the MCU's style. Their recasts have been smooth, slick, understated and they should be more concerned with turning the next Tony Stark actor into a billion dollar franchise than capstoning the MCU by putting it's main breadwinner to pasture.
  3. Panacea

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    If you're going to kill him off then it should be part of a massive sacrifice in an epic moment in an Avengers movie. Not some random Iron Man sequel. There are too many interconnected relationships at play to essentially have them react to the news and grieve off screen.
  4. 2002SpideyFan

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    Actually, yeah, I thought of that idea not so long ago. There is already perfect material for that story. Denny O'Neil's 80's run, which portrays Tony Stark very similarly to what Wolverine was in Logan. He was a broken down alcoholic, with pessimistic view on life, who had suicidal thoughts, but then he rethought his way of life when he saved a newborn baby of his women at the time, Grettil, who died when she was giving a birth to the child.
  5. Milk Tray Guy

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    Have to agree. If he's gonna go down he should be back-to-back with the other Avengers to the last.
  6. LTuser

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    Feb 11, 2018
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    I agree. And now with Stark being so integral TO the avengers, having him go off on his own seems foolish.

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