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Sequels Would you like to see an Old Man Logan movie?


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Oct 31, 2006
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To me it would be the most logical if they wanted to make a third Wolverine film. It's perfect, involving, relevent plus I'm sure Millar would approve. Obviously some changes would have to be made but after seeing True Grit I think it would be amazing!

The only thing is Hugh Jackman probably couldn't play the lead which I don't think Fox would like very much.

Would you like to see it though?

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I think it would be a good send off flick for Jackmans Wolverine if they were ever to make it.

And even if FOX made this Older Wolverine movie, Hugh Jackman should still the play Wolverine. They could easily age him with visual effects.
No, not really interested. We'll see an old Logan in the future sequences of DoFP anyway.

Would love to see Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men go up against Alpha Flight though. We saw Vindicator's parents (the Hudsons) in XMO:W and Wolverine ended up with Vindicator's jacket and motorbike!

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