Sequels Would you watch a brotherhood movie?


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Oct 31, 2006
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I would be tempted to give it a go. It would be interesting to see the brotherhood go up against the purifiers for example with maybe a cameo from the xmen as they get chased by them.

It might be an interesting perspective. What do you think?

As for casting choices I would want to see mystique, pyro, a proper sabretooth, avalanche, quicksilver, wanda and Ian mckellans magneto
As a X-Men fan, I would watch anything.

But is it a good idea for box-office sake, I don't think so.
If Apocalypse does even better at the Box Office and they could persuade Jennifer Lawrence to do it I think they'd think about it. Mockingjay part 2 would have finished which will probably make her even more popular and Her and Fassbender leading the brotherhood would make it appealing.

I'm just not sure they could have enough heroes in there to guarantee success, we'll have to see how Sinister Six does to know if a team of villains can make a successful comic book movie.
Yeah depends on who they were able to get. Fassbender and Lawerence would be watchable in any film anyway so I could go for that but without them, nah not so much. I mean I'd still be interested as it is X-Men still but if it was done on the cheap for a cash grab would be damaging to the overall scheme, look at what happened to ASM2.

Sinister Six will be interesting to see what happens with that now.
No thanks. If Mystique gets her own property it should be an X-Factor TV show.
I would watch anything X-Men related,

Would love a Brotherhood/Freedom Force movie, featuring Mystique as the leader with Destiny, Avalanche, Pyro and Blob, maybe throw Toad in there to.

A movie about them working for the government to save their own skin would be great, a bunch of unprofessional, uncoperative and unwilling team mates could cause for some laughs and maybe a bit of sympathy for mutants all round, not just the X-Men

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