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Apr 17, 2005
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Here's the deal. I've got a bunch of ideas. And, I think most of them are quite good. But, I have trouble writing the stories. I can plan out how I want them to go, but putting them down on paper is just a problem for me. Any ideas as to how to help?
Well, it would be a good start to write down all your ideas on paper. Look for the best ones and put them on another paper (don't throw away the ones that aren't used--if you can't use them now, you could use them somewhere else), and see how to work them out.

I dunno, I'm not too good at explain it--honestly, it comes pretty naturaly to me.

If you need a hand, you can PM me anytime, Q. :)
You know what helps sometimes... is that you read alot of material from your favorite author. Look at the style and so how he organizes the chapters and individual scenes.

I have also heard that if you sit down and write out some of the chapters, handwrite that is, you will start to remember how the sentences and paragraphs are formed and start mimicing that style of writing. I cannot remember where and who I heard that story about, but a assistant who often typed up her boss'(he was a writer) stories that had been handwritten ended up starting to write like him. It turned out she was a great writer, she just needed a sense of style.

Other then that... I am not sure what to say. I write all the time, have been since I was in junior high, and it just pours out. Sometimes writing is just natural rather then a learned skill. Other times it can be learned. Good luck though.
Sometimes, I think it's just that I'm lazy. I sit down, writeba bit, get bored, and then go do something else.
HAHA when I get book or movie ideas I write them all down. If I actually sat down and finished one...I might have a good script or book.
I personally get a real high after completing a short story, novella or novel. Although I have only written one novel so far, with work starting on a second.
The Question said:
Sometimes, I think it's just that I'm lazy. I sit down, writeba bit, get bored, and then go do something else.
:D i do the same thing

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