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    AJ Styles is the cover athlete this year.

    What new or returning wrestlers are you looking forward to playing as?

    What legends do you hope make it this year?
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    With Velveteen going all Hogan at Takeover, the Hulkster might worm his way back into the series this year.

    Outside of wrestlers, I either want custom music back OR access to the WWE music library. I also want in-game wrestlers names available to use for CAWS. It's madness that they never do this (eg. if you make a Chris Jericho CAW you can't use Chris Jericho as his call and commentary name despite him being in the game).

    Also sort out the points system for 3D objects in CAW mode. For reasons unknown you couldn't use Macho Man's sunglasses with Macho Man's hat making the whole thing useless.

    Give us more control over initiating (and ending) ref bumps and managerial interference eg. you press a button to get your manager on the apron which distracts the ref so you can hit someone with a chair. Then we press another button so that the manager steps down and the ref turns around. At the minute they're either not distracted long enough or distracted for too long.
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