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May 20, 2012
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Hey, wassup! So i figured that this X-Men forum needs some more threads! This is for people who want to make stuff that are similiar to the abilities of the X-Men mutants. It can be a prop or it can be a real working device. I'm not that big of a fan of X-Men, I'm more Spider-Man and Iron Man fan. But I have watched the movies and I'll learn anything I need to know. Feel free to put me in my place if I'm wrong on anything. I'm making a pyro system, but like I said, it can be anything.
When I get finished with the web shooter prototype soon, I will begin work on the Wolverine gauntlet.
It is a really simple design, using an electromagnetic piston with a large spring around the shaft, to push a platform up with 3 blades welded to it. Then, in the top, there are locking mechanisms which hook onto the covered parts of the blades. Each locking mechanism comes out to the hand, and hooks around one of the fingers. When the connections are pulled, the spring pulls the blade panel back in. The electromagnetic piston is controlled by a battery, hooked up to an SPST button on the palm.
This can also be accomplished without the locking mechanisms, but you would have to hold down the button the entire time you wanted the claws out, which is probably safer and probably the route I will go. I will draw up schematics, like I said, when I am finished with the web shooter. Until then, I will be on hiatus from this project.
That's so so cool! Complicated, but absolutely brilliant!

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