X-Men TAS Parody

I want to improve all of the glitches by the next episode. I think the voice acting is the main issue.

any constructive criticism would be great
I would agree that the voice acting is the biggest issue. I enjoyed the jokes, but the delivery was so so. It would help if you could get other people to help do some of the voices. I'd also avoid trying the cajun accent for Gambit. I'd rather hear a good voice without the accent, then a bad attempt at the accent. And above all else, practice practice practice. Good luck with it, I think you've got a good start.
thanks for the feedback. i'm definitely going to take that on board. I'm going to audition friends to voice act, I cant afford proffesionals. I'm going to have to practice.

i was thinking of maybe doing an over the top french accent for gambit. it could be funny.

either way, i'm working an the next episode right now.

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