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X-men: The Last Stand Novel ***SPOILERS***



Well, so far The scene with Jean as kid seems cool, and the banter between Wolverine, and beast is funny as well. Storm just seems like some typical "I'm the greatest thing in the world attitude" person from what I have read so far. Cylops does in fact Die. :mad: What you see in the trailer (wolvie/cyke), and what you see at the lake is pretty much it for him. He calls Jeans name outloud shoots a optic blast off. She rises, knocks him over. He asks how, she say's I don't know. She wants to see his eyes, he say's no, she say's trust me. She looks at his eyes, makes a comment about the eyes being the something to the soul. They kiss, look at each other and smile. Kiss again. Then they look at each other again this time Jeans eyes go evil, Cyke appearently doesn't care or notice, and then that's it. He's dead. (I am sooooooooooo majorly pissed off by this that it isn't even funny.) Stopped reading book from there need to cool off. Will let you know when read.

Keep in mind that the X2 novel said Jean was blinded not killed, but IMO that doesn't jack S*it for my favorite X-men Cyclops.
Really I dont understand why Angel doesnt wear an Xcostume in the film
We see him at X-mansion!! isnt ? Why doesnt he follow Storm Beast Wolverine Colossus Iceman Kitty ?
Because he just got there, he doesn't have battle training.

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