X-Men: TLS recieves PG-13 rating!!

Well, that's no surprise since the others were PG-13!!!
Ahh...another thread to be merged... :up: ................ :down

Or actually, is this the first X-Men rating-primary thread? :D

Damn, I was hoping for some nudie shots.
Well it was contracted that it had to be PG-13...well that Ratner had to deliever a PG-13 film.
i still wanted R rating... MUTIE BLOOD FEST
PG-13, perfect! It will lure everyone in now! (Not that we expected otherwise.)
It would have been kind of obvious with all the money they spent on it.
Don't mean to be rude but...was this thread really necessary? :confused:
PG-13 really? I never thought in a million years this would've been rated PG-13. I thougt maybe G probably NC-17 but PG-13 goodness!
Big shocker. What most of us expected. I am 21 so it really wouldn't matter what the rating was.
Reverse the 21, thats chase's real age. :(
Not surprising seeing how the last two were the same. If it was XXX, they'd sure be turning away a lot of young teenage fans, which would cause a major drop of income for the movie.
Couldn't really have been anything else

PG13's fine - we don't need real blood

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