Days of Future Past X-men Vs other top comic book films critical scores


Jun 2, 2004
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With all the talk nw on Bryan Singer's X-Men films I thought It would be good
to compare how the world(Critics and General audences) liked at X-Men films
Vs other toop Superhero films with the rotten tomatos scores.

Superman series
Superman-95%(remember Richard donnor's film Is consered a classic and one of best)
Superman II-88%
Superman Returns-76%(as I said some need to deal with fact not everyone hates this film)
Batman series
Batman(1989)-71 percent(yes lower score than superman returns)
Batman Returns-78%(highest score of the preNolan films)
Batman Begins-85%
The dark Knight-94%(you will notice slightly under superman)
The dark Knight Rises-87%

You will notice The dark Knight Is best recieved batman film,and superman II got slightly higher marks than the dark Knight rises
X-Men first Class-87%

You will notice X2 was most recieved best of X-men films.X2 and first Class
have been better received than Batman Begins.First Class had same score as dark Knight rises.X2 Is higher than the dark knight rises and Is on par with Superman II
Spider-Man series
Spider-Man 2-93%
The Amazing spider-Man-73%

You will ntoice first 2 spider-man films have better scores than any X-Men films.Also notice they were better received than batman Begins,The dark Knight Rises,and Superman II.

Spider-Man II Is also on pari with The dark Knight and Superman.And The Amazing Spider-Man ha slower score than Superman returns and the top X-Men films
Marvel studios films
Iron Man-94%(same rating as The dark Knight)
Iron Man 2-75%(lower than Superman Returns,Top X-Men films,Nolan's batman trilogy,Superman,Superman,Spider-Man,Spider-man II,Batman returns)
Thor-77%(still beaten by X-Men/X2/first Class)
Captain America-79%
The Avengers-93%

Let's deal with the fact only 2 marvel studios films have better scores than
X-Men/X2/First Class.

Let's compare the best scores to determine how audences view comic Book films

2:Tie between Iron Man and The Dark Knight
4:Tie between Spider-Man 2 and the Avengers
7:Tie between Superman II and X2
9:Tie between First Class and The dark Knight rises

X-Men with eather Singer directing or producing has been been very well
recieved.Time to stop pretending they weren't.Also time to quit pretending
all marvel studios films have been better received than the top X-Men films.
A singer directed Days of future Past has poential to be great.

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