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X2: X-Men United - 10 YEARS!

Aug 19, 2004
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Its been 10 years since X2 was released! Its the movie that made me a big fan of the X-Men! and 10 years later, this movie series is still ongoing and its still exciting!

I will never forget how this movie made me feel the first time I watched it.

Also, it holds my record for most times I've seen a movie in theaters: 9 times.
The 10th Anniversary of X2...Still the greatest film ever produced in the genre. :cool:

I will never forget how this movie made me feel the first time I watched it.

Also, it holds my record for most times I've seen a movie in theaters: 9 times.

LOL I've only seen it once in theater!

X-Men = 0
X2 = 1
The Last Stand = 2
Origins = 1
First Class = 3
10 Year already.... :wow:
X2 was the First Superhero Movie I watched in a Theater...
Wonderful Memories! :hrt:
Ten years already. I was just [BLACKOUT]##[/BLACKOUT] back then. My how things have changed (or stayed the same:hehe:). X2 is still my 5th favourite CBM and 2nd favourite Marvel film.
Anyone have any HQ images or know where to get them or the character images like this?


I swore I had them but they're not on my computer any more :(
Still a top comic book movie. The screenplay is very well structured and balanced. Stryker is a good villain. Wolverine's emotional journey is genuine. The action sequences are always good and often inventive.
Did Bryan even post anything on his twitter about this? I was hoping at least for an article on IGN or something, but there was nothing anywhere.
I rewatched X2 today.I disagree with some of points In article.

Sorry people but with limited screentime James Marsden as CYclops feels more to me like
classic 616 Cyclops pre merging with apocalpyse and the character since than Mark Ruffalo
did as Banner In The Avengers.Sorry people that wasn't 616 Bruce banner but updated version of 1970's tv show David Banner.And calling Famke Janssen playing a cutout.
Sorry I don't agree with that.Although I do agree we had no real reason for X-Men origins;WOlverine we got what we needed In X2 and Bryan SInger In flashback flashes did better than all of Origins.
As fan of the comic, I do have niggles with the first two X-Men films. The over-reliance on Wolverine, Cyclopes not having much at all to do. Storm being boring...but they are still very well constructed films and I try not to let my love of the source affect me to much. If I did that I would hate most comic book films!

For every character I wish had more to do, my favorites get awesome treatment. Prof. X and Magneto are great in these films, Wolverine is wonderfully cast. Rogue (although de-powered) is a sympathetic character. I still love the first two x-Men films. Ya I would change some things, but it still feels like X-Men to me.

But I will give cred where cred is due because Vaughn finally managed to really get the TEAM dynamic of the comic down. As screwed as the continuity of First Class is (I honestly don't care, it works) it's the first X-Men film to get its about being a team.
X2 is still my fav live-action CBM. I just feel like it maintains that comics/reality balance better than more touted stuff like Nolans movies.
X2 is the ultimate X-Men film, bar none.
X2 has won the test of time.Like richard Donnor's superman and dark Knight,even If you
had problems with DKR that doesn't take away the greatness of dark knight now does
Last stand take away from greatness from X2,and remains one of best comic book films
of all time.
Best X-Men movie so far, hope DOFP will be even better.
I'm not so sure DOFP will be better than X2. I actually think it may be closer to X3 (not the greatest X-Film...)
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X2 is still to this day my all time favorite Marvel film

but that might change next year with Days of Future Past :cwink:
So what it have one X3 writer?
Singer is director and was a writer, DOFP has chance to be better than United.

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