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X3TLS Soundtrack Listing Revealed (Spoilers)

the a1ant

May 5, 2001
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I checked, and don't think this has been posted. If it has, then deepest apologies, as I've been out of the loop recently :p

The official track names for the X-Men: The Last Stand soundtrack are now available! Be warned of spoilers in the titles:

1. 20 Years Ago (1:10)
2. Bathroom Titles (1:09)
3. The Church of Magneto, Raven Is My Slave Name (2:40)
4. Meet Leech, Then Off To The Lake (2:37)
5. Whirlpool of Love (2:04)
6. Examining Jean (1:12)
7. Dark Phoenix (1:28)
8. Angel’s Cure (2:34)
9. Jean and Logan (1:39)
10. Dark Phoenix Awakes (1:45)
11. Rejection Is Never Easy (1:09)
12. Magneto Plots (2:05)
13. Entering The House (1:18)
14. Dark Phoenix’s Tragedy (3:18)
15. Farewell To X :-)30)
16. The Funeral (2:52)
17. Skating On The Pond (1:12)
18. Cure Wars (2:57)
19. Fight In the Woods (3:06)
20. St Lupus Day (3:03)
21. Building Bridges (1:16)
22. Shock and No Aars (1:15)
23. Attack on Alcatraz (4:36)
24. Massacre :-)31)
25. The Battle of the Cure (4:20)
26. Phoenix rises (6:29)
27. The Last Stand (5:29)

Oh good lord. Sorry, guys. I'm really so out of it :o :p

I didnt read the whole listing, but I did catch 1 spoiler, but not really, as the trailer elludes to it. Funny enough i havent ran into much spoiler news in the spoiler section lol. Often skipping over an entire thread is good enough.
What is it that we tell all the noobs ??

"Look before you post" :p :D

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