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XBOX 720 Revealed


Poetic Violence
Apr 18, 2006
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Has anyone seen this?!


They just collected all the rumors/leaks. As for the pic... "Xbox World has used the Microsoft leaks and industry sources to come up with a 3D mock-up of what it expects the next-gen Xbox to look like."
It hasn't actually been revealed yet. That's just a mockup / theory of what it might be, I think.
Bloomberg report suggested in time for Holiday season 2013. I'd say certainly by then or max 1 year later if there are any probs.
No way can that be real. The internet would break if it were real.
No way can that be real. The internet would break if it were real.


Im super excited for the reveal of all the next gen stuff. Still not sure which route i'll go. I mean i owned all but Nintendos stuff this gen, i wouldnt doubt if that happened again.
I owned everything this gen but will be doing PC & XBox only next gen, at least at the start.
I'll wait and see what the console specs are before getting a 720... if it's as underpowered as the Wii U I'll wait until it's $150.
If it's as underpowered as the wii U it'll be called XBox 360 & it should be available for $150 in the not too distant future :woot:
It'll probably drop for way more than Id be willing to spend on a new toy. Not to mention all the stores around here love to jack customers for garbage "bundles" when consoles launch.
I'll wait 2 years before I buy one. You know, to see if there are any over heating, fatal error problems.
I've said it before...and I'll say it again. I honestly don't think Next Gen will be all that exspensive... I mean maybe they'll have Kinect 2+ Game bundles for 500...But I HATED the Kinect and I have even less desire for a Kinect 2...

So...400...Tops, for 720 I'd say.
Agreed. PS3 was expensive and suffered during a much better economic time. In today's economy you'd have to be brainless to set a high launch price.

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