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Aug 16, 2003
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hey guys, figured I'd abuse my scanner and share lots of cool **** with ya'll, but I figured it'd be better to put everything here then have new threads everytime. Hopefully, this will get sizable, and you guys can look through it and have a laugh whenever you want. I think It'll mainly be stuff from Toyfare, but other stuff will sneek in every once in awhile.

Let's start off nice and tasteless:


here's a partial index of the thread. I'll try to expand and update as I can (which, as you can see, is not often)

Page 1: TTT: Borg invade spidey's house, lots of random pics
page 2: Toyfare big shots/george lucas + random pics
page 3: random pics, TTT: megoville election
page 4: TTT: Doc Ock/Aunt May wedding
Page 5: random pics, TTT: Doom's Roats, TTT: That 70's TTT
page 6: TTT: Marvel Legends invade Megoville
page 7: TTT: spidey crushes Jawas with Thor's hammer, TTT: Famous Covers invade megoville part 1
page 8: TTT: Famous Covers invade megoville part 2, edited Spidey newspaper strips
page 9: TTT: Christmas, Top 10 politically incorrect Heroes and Villains
page 10: random pics
page 11: rock, paper, Saddam! random pics
page 12: altered comic covers, random pics
page 13: Cyclops custom sequence, random pics
page 14: TTT: Avengers Mansion tour
page 15: Spider-Man vs Chairman
page 16: a conversation that went on longer than it should have about Chairman, EMFTOFTCCOTMB mission statement, TTT: Doom gets a job at the baxter building
page 17: anagramed movie posters, Mr. Wiggles strips
page 18: more Mr. Wiggles, more anagramed movies
page 19: Morrison vs Millar, mixed up movie quotes, Bendis meets Stan Lee and Scotty
page 20: some stupid noobs repost the spidey strips, Iron Thor, Herr Logan reveals his arachnophobia, Nightwing dishes about bent penises. Marvl Sex Chart
page 21: Some Wizard Top Ten Lists
page 22: Fantastic Four Exposed, When Superpets Go Bad, More Wizard Top Ten Lists, Some random pics, Versus Columns, Pikachu in Psylocke's Crotch
page 23: Undercovers
page 24: Undercovers of the future
page 25: Clerk's Hype Comics, TTT Smurfs, TTT We're all just toys
page 26: TTT Trek or Treat, TTT Mego Super Heroes The Secret Wars
page 174-5: Civil War Banners
Hehe, Johnny looks more like the Human Tomato than the Human Torch. :D

EDIT: Damn you, now what I used to have here doesn't make sense!! :mad:
Originally posted by TheCorpulent1
Hehe, Johnny looks more like the Human Tomato than the Human Torch. :D

EDIT: Damn you, now what I used to have here doesn't make sense!! :mad:
it does now, I had to resize it. quitcher*****in
Originally posted by Elijya

Bwhahahhaha! I think I've found a new avatar and title. :D :up:

Keep up the good work man. :D
this settles the Hawkeye vs Green Arrow argument once and for all

And why does Luke Cage look like a crack head?:confused:
Because druuuuugs, and a-kahol... have ruined his life.

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