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Stand-Alone Movies Young Han Solo Casting Thread

Eddie Dean

Oct 20, 2005
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So now that we know that with have a solo movie about young Han, who would be the best to wear Harrison Ford's earing?
Shia LaBeouf!!! :o
easy choice for me.

Garrett Hedlund

Oh dear please no. Didn't like him at all in Tron. Never showed enough charisma for that role (and was even quite wooden at times), so he would be an even worse fit for the incredibly charismatic Solo imo.
I'd be happy with any of the ones I voted for. Duhamel is still my choice. I'd be cool with Franco, Ackles, or even maybe possibly Hartnett. Fillion is ideal for all old Ford roles, but he is too old for a young Han Solo. Mike Vogel with darker hair could do it as well IMO
Tom Hardy doesn't look exactly like Harrison, but I think he would get the character right and keep him a likeable jerk.

Many of the other options on the poll list are too old...
You know what, Jensen Ackles wouldn't actually be that bad.
Tom Hardy doesn't look exactly like Harrison, but I think he would get the character right and keep him a likeable jerk.

Many of the other options on the poll list are too old...
Tom's 35 though, i think he's too old. I mean, he doesnt look that young to me, like some other actors who can easily pull off a much younger age.

I cant honestly think of an actor to play a young Han Solo. I vote for a young unknown in his 20's.
I realise he's not young, certainly not the age Disney will be looking at anyway and admittedly probably not the best choice but I always thought Michael Shanks could do it quite well..

I would guess them to cast a relatively unknown actor. All the actors listed above are either too old or dont fit the character persona or looks for that matter. Disney isn't stupid. They are probably going to be making sequels to these stand alones giving each character his own trilogy a la Marvel. So why not bring in an unknown and launch a career. Considering the people who are working on these movies they have my full confidence they will get the job done right. I for one love that they are doing this. I want to see a Darth Plaguies film maybe a trilogy depicting on how he meets a young sidious. I also want a knights of the old republic trilogy. Star Wars is in good hands and finally going to be given the treatment it deserves.

Chris Pine. He is playing Jack Ryan and Ford played Jack Ryan.

Taylor Lautner?
Nathan Fillion for ANH-aged Solo.

Aaron Paul for a more younger looking Solo (he's around mid-thirties but he looks 10 years younger).

Unknown in any other case.

The poll choices are hilarious for the most part.
Josh Holloway was basically Han Solo on Lost.
Eh. He had the rogue thing going, but not the charm, imo. Fillion nails it. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Whedon has already admitted he based the captain of Firefly on Han Solo.
It depends how young this Han is meant to be but I think Josh Henderson would be a good choice.
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Josh Holloway was basically Han Solo on Lost.
I haven't settled on who I'd want in the role, but Josh was one of the first who came into my mind in terms of being a rogue-y type.
It depends on the age really.
20s? Joseph Gordon-Levitt
30s? Taylor Kistch
40s? Aaron Eckhart
Kitsch? There goes the franchise.
Haha, the poor guy has just been cast in ****** movies. He was pretty good in John Carter. Very Solo-esque.
I think he don't have it, like at all. But to each his own.
I really don't want a teenager or 20's Han Solo. He was there for the grown ups in the OT and even the kids wanted to be him and not Luke. Don't take that away from us.
I hope it's a biopic. Start with his birth, ends just before ANH.

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