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Nov 22, 2005
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The story of a young Magneto who turns to evil following persecution during WWII sounds awefully similar to what's being planned for young Hannibal Lector. Do you think the new Hannibal Rising novel & the prequel to Silence of the Lambs will in some way have an effect on the box for Magneto? Which will be a better movie?
Young Hannibal is slated for release next February. Because it will most likely get seen by a lesser audience than Magneto, and since that film will most likely get released two-three years after Young Hannibal, it's close to estimate that the two movies won't effect each other at all.

As for which will be the better movie...who knows. Too early and premature to decide for both, in my opinion, at this stage.
Similar storyline but one has a main character with super powers hmmm I know which one I would like better!
I like the psycos better but then theres Magneto with the mutant superior who seems to be almost like Hitler! Magneto Trying to wipe out the human race and Hitler trying to rid the world of Jews! So I am mostly going to see both, I love the characters so much on the big screen and in the comic books/books.
Young Hannibal wasn't that good. Harris was writing it with the movie in mind, but movies are not the same as books. Same with the 2nd book of Jurassic Park.

But the characters are close enough that I'm surprised there aren't more crossovers of the two!
I don't even like Hannibal. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with the other.
You don't?
But . . . but . . . BUT THE GUY IS SO COOL!!!
Eating people's brains....I'll stay as far away from Hannibal Rising as I possibly can.

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