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Your Favorite 60's Bat-Villains

Damn ock you beat me to it lol

Yup, just like catwoman,there were 3 Mr. Freezes...one was even played by everyones favorite bandito, Tuco.

Goldstar to the first person who gets the connection ;)
Also a teacher once told me the WB/2oth CF contract is for 75 years so don't hold your breath for those dvd sets.
George Sanders was my favorite Mr. Freeze.
Julie Newmar's Catwoman. She DEFINED hotness.

Would have liked to see Scarecrow and Two-Face on the show as well...
I think eartha kitt was the best catwoman she had the aura of a female who could tangle with any male and she had that amazing voice. Newmar was to much of a girlie girl to make a beleivable catwoman.
My favorite Batman '66 villains:

Newmar's Catwoman in her early appearances. By the time she was done with the part, the character had regressed from a sizzling femme fatale into a confused girly-girl who seemed more interested in trying to romancing Batman than getting away with the theft of some valuable bauble.

Gorshin's Riddler. As mentioned above, he was able to balance comedy with sincere menace. The very first episode of the series is a good example of this; the first cliffhanger is also rare because it's one of only two episodes in the entire series where someone actually dies.

George Sanders as Mr. Freeze. There's a great moment where he confronts Batman in Freeze's sub-zero lair and he torments Batman by turning off Batman's heat-shield, watching him shiver and tremble on the floor reminding Batman of what the caped one has done to Freeze (in this version, Batman's responsible for Freeze's condition, by accident). This is the one glimmer of the future version of Freeze that fans are now familiar with.

Malachi Throne as False Face. This guy seemed genuinely threatening, perhaps due to the fact that you NEVER saw what his face really looked like. His general aura was just mysterious and dark, in contrast to the rest of the series.

I also liked Anne Baxter as Zelda the Great, since she was the only genuinely decent person in the Rogues' Gallery who really had no desire to be a thief. That and I think back then that Anne Baxter was hot.

And on that note, at the risk of veering into camp territory here, I liked Carolyn Jones as the Queen of Diamonds. I have to admit, seeing her do the Dance of the Seven Veils is something of a turn-on (more so when you recall what a great hourglass figure she had - I just watched "House Of Wax" for the first time in a while a few days ago and she was a bit of cutie in her day :D).
Damn ock you beat me to it lol

Yup, just like catwoman,there were 3 Mr. Freezes...one was even played by everyones favorite bandito, Tuco.

Goldstar to the first person who gets the connection ;)

Whoa! Didn't know there was 3 different Catwomen. I only recall 2.

Oh and 2 Riddlers too lol
Yeah, alot of people overlook Lee Meriwether's portrayal as Catwoman in the Batman movie that was released between seasons 1 & 2. I thought she was great, myself. And actually found her more attractive than Newmar to be perfectly honest. With John Astin's Riddler, Gorshin basically made that role his own, and closed the door behind him. Not to say Astin's Riddler wasnt alright. But it certainly wasnt as memorable. Not in the least bit.
Kitts voice? The one that sounded like rusty nails on a chalkboard? lol

Yup 3 catwomen, 3 mr. freezes and 2 riddlers.

Uhh.....2 batmen if you count Alfred :huh:
Thats a good thing ....

Now julie Newmar...theres a woman who could say "puuurrrr fect" ;)

*Head explodes*


Vincent Price has come up a few time here and I thought I'd share this piece about him I wrote 09/30/2006


When I was a child I had a strange fascination/fear of Vincent Price. To me, he was like a car wreck..frightening to look at yet impossible to turn away from.

Maybe it began with the tv show The Hilarious House of Frightenstein. The show starts with Prices floating head reciting one of his trademark creepy rymes....this half minute bit is enough to traumatize any kid for life. I know my 2 older sisters had hours of enjoyment by putting on the Thriller album to his part and watching me either run and hide or burst into tears and piss myself.

And it wasn't just his roles as creepy scary ghouls that made me cringe, it was anything this man was in. Even watching him play the villain Egghead in the old Adam West Batman show was unsettling. It never fealt right to me for a grown man to ride a mule like that.Worse than that was his apperence as Professor Multiple on an episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,where he had all these freaky marionett dolls of the crew that talked to him and tried to take over the ship. Yes, Vincent Price teamed up with dolls. The devil was doing his best work that day.

7 and a switchblade.

No ones made that manip yet? Yeessshhh...... do we really need 98 more crappy Ledger as Joker ones?
My favorate villians of the 1966 tv series were:
1. Frank Gorshin as The Riddler
2. Julie Newmar as Catwoman
3. George Sanders as Mr. Freeze
4. Cesar Romero as The Joker
5. Burgess Meredeth as The Penguin
6. Malachi Throne as False Face
7. Eartha Kitt as Catwoman
8. Otto Preminger as Mr. Freeze
9. Vincent Price as Egghead
10. Lee Meriwether as Catwoman
Catwoman and Riddler. Never liked the rest. Oh, and maybe Bookworm (or sth like that), too.

Oliver Meredith was a great Penguin.


Burgess was amazing. Simply amazing. And talk about perfect physical casting. He literally was the classic Penguin brought to life on screen.
I have to agree with the consensus that Burgess was nothing short of terrific as The Penguin. It's no wonder that that character made more appearances than any other on the show. Very entertaining. And definately the right actor for the job. I read that originally, Mickey Rooney was approached for the role, but turned it down. Enter Burgess Meredith, and the rest is history.

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