Your favorite Anime Intros/endings or songs?


May 6, 2003
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I've been currently downloading a couple of OSTs to some of my favorite shows and thought we could share the songs we like the best. If you can maybe you can put up your favorite anime Intros/Endings.

By doing so we might maybe rouse some interest in watching those animes we haven't even thought of giving a try.

The song I'm most of the time listening to is called IKE IKE. It's the ending song from the anime called "Ichigo 100%". Which is translated "Strawberry 100%" It's a Romance/comedy anime and is about a girl that is falling from the sky wearing panties with Strawberry patters. The main character is now off to find that girl again. The song really emits a feeling good, total happy, party vibe.

And now to one of my favorite Endings. It's from a anime called DearS, another Romance/comedy anime + Science Fiction. I let the Ending speak for itself. Luckily I found it on
So many to choose from ...

for now I'll just say that White Reflection from Gundam Wing is the first anime theme I fell in love it. Damn I love that song :o:up:
Gundam Wing ending theme.

All i can really think of right now.
chobits, it's just too damn cute.

outlaw star is also pretty sweet.#

'in your dreams' the song that plays during the english dubbed version of Endless Watlz is also catchy.

also i'm not sure if this counts in here but i'll add it anyway, you know the manga trailers you get with most anime these days, if you go through and you look at the 'virus/virus buster serge one', it goes perfectly with the rock music behind it and it's a great few scenes, it completely sells the box set

Sailor Moon
Even though I'm just starting the series, I like "Ready Steady Go" by L'Arc-en-Ciel from FMA(Episodes 14-28) and "Kesenai Tsumi" ("Indelible Sin") by Nana Kitade, also from FMA(Episodes 2-13)

I also loved Grip, Itazurana Kiss, and Change The World from InuYasha
Kmack said:
Sailor Moon

Could you be maybe a little more specific? They have more than just 1 Opening/Ending.
Ok I like Rurouni Kenshin's opening song and I love G Gundam's first opening song.
For Openings

"Dan Dan" from DBGT
"Blurry Eyes" from DNA^2
"Driver's High" from GTO
"Tank" from Cowboy Bebop
"Rage your dream" from Initial D

For endings

The ending songs from the Ranma movies. I know the second one is called "Piece of Love", but I forget what the first one is.
"Fly me to the moon" from Evangelion
The ending songs from the Fatal Fury OAVs/Movie
"Remember Joe" from Asita no Joe movie 2
"Kimi ga Iru" from Initial D second stage.
Cowboy Bebop opening theme (who DOESN'T love that?)
Hellsing opening theme
Almost forgot, I also like "Change The World"
Slayers Try - "Breeze"
Fullmetal Alchemist - "Other Side of the Door"
Slayers - "Try Again"
Whatever the current endsong to Inuyasha on repeats is.
I almost forgot the Cowboy Bebop opening theme.
There's a lot but here's a couple:

-Intro to Escaflowne

-3rd intro to Naruto
-Intro/Outro to Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU:up: :up:
-Intro to Suzuka
-currently, the intro to Samurai Champloo
-& lastly, Intro to .hack//SIGN
some of my faves are Head cha la(the first beginning song of the Japanese version of DBZ), all the ending songs for the dub of YYH, the freckles song from Kenshin, The second end song of Inuyasha, the first end song from Samurai Champloo, and Little Busters from FLCL.
Samurai Champloo, Gungrave's was too long, the trigun one was fun and Berserk.... meh...
Just heard "Come" from Inuyasha, and it's now one of my favorites. That freakin show has so much good songs.
Cowboy Bebop intro: Tank and ending The Real Folk Blues
Samurai Champloo: Battle Cry
Full Metal Alchemist: intro
Big O: intro (don't know why though?)
Rurouni Kenshin: Freckles
Yu Yu Hakusho: intro

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