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Dec 4, 2000
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So...what are your favorites? No rules, no limitations on any TF series...just the ones you think are best.

Although, I am personally leaving the Masterpiece editions out of my decisions, since the MPs are arguably the best ever, but they're made for collectors and were never really intended as mainstream toys.

So here are my categories:

Favorite alt mode: G1 Grimlock


Transforming from a giant robot into a giant robotic dinosaur doesn't really make one a "robot in disguise", but I love that boxy T-rex! Plus, you can pose him to stand in old-school Godzilla-style, with his head upright and tail dragging, or in the more scientifically-accurate style, with his head horizontal and tail straight out for a Juassic Park look. "Me, Grimlock, king!"

Favorite robot mode: G1 Shockwave


I always preferred the Transformers with the less-humanoid-looking faces, and Shockwave has the perfect cold, killing machine look. He was pretty poseable for a G1 figure as well. An honorable mention goes to the later Engergon revamp called "Shockblast", although the original Shockwave was a more sleek compact design.

Favorite all-around: G1 Jetfire



Yes, Jetfire was technically a Macross robot before being a Transformer, but weren't most of the G1 series from other Japanese toy lines anyway? This toy has everything a great transforming robot should have. The vehicle form looks like an F-14, the robot form is self-contained and poseable, and the accessories are plentiful. Still one of the best transforming toys of all time.
G1 Jetfire was one of my faves as well... he was HUGE! I miss the clicking/locking sound whenever you posed him. *reminisces*
G1 Jetfire was one of my faves as well... he was HUGE! I miss the clicking/locking sound whenever you posed him. *reminisces*

Oh yeah -- the spring-loaded clicking joints were a sure sign of Japanese toy quality back then.

It's kind of ironic that the Gobots, the transforming robot toys made by Bandai, sucked so bad in comparison with Takara's Transformers. Yet, some of the really nice, high quality detailed Transformers were actually taken from Bandai toys (Jetfire, Roadbuster, Whirl, deluxe Insecticons etc).

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