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Oct 31, 2006
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What are your favourite peaceful moments in games? Far too often people focus on killing and the action but I think the mark of a truly great game is one which is almost therapeutic at times (as well as exciting).

Building things in Minecraft during the day (It's the music)
Fishing in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Wandering around the castle in Super Mario 64
Webslinging in any Spider-man game
- Driving in Sleeping Dogs and actually following the traffic rules
- Red Dead Redemption, when John Marston is reunited with his family and we basically only do Farm work
- The Sims Franchise, pretty much everything there I'd day
- Persona 3. Attending School and socializing with people
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-Just talking with Elika whilst on a cliffside in Prince of Persia (08)

-listening to the IPod in MGS4 and slowly regaining Psych

-Riding into Mexico in Red Dead Refemption.

-Just laying around holding your love interest chilling out to the radio in Shepard's quarters in Mass Effect 2&3
the peaceful moments in the Dead Space games are awesome, cause they are the most frightening.

When you can wander in deadly premonition, spy on people, talk with everyone, it really makes it a unique game.
- Webslinging in SM2 when there is no music (which is rare). You can even hear the sound of the wind when you stand still up there.
- Walking to our new throne at the end of God of War.
Watching a movie with Jenny in the darkness

Can't believe I forgot that. :up: Just sitting with her on the couch and watching a Movie till she falls asleep, was a fantastic gaming moment.

I'll have to add Heavy Rain to the list too. Waking up as Ethan, cleaning yourself up, working on your architecture design, helping to prepare your kids birthday party and playing with your kids in the backyard was a great peaceful moment too.
I love just watching the scenery in games like gta IV and the uncharted series. Drakes fortune is especially peaceful when looking out at the vastness of the sea with a very calm ambiance and lighting. Red dead is amazing for this as well. I sometimes just have my horse at a walking pace or slow trot, and just enjoy the day.
Just thought of another one, big boss' redemption at the end of mgs4, after the Zero stuff
"this is good, isn't it?"
the whole world of shadow of the colossus. you never have to worry about being attacked. you can explore the whole world in peace.

flying in superman returns, you could just soar around or break the sound barrier and just fly.

in dc universe online you could glitch yourself outside the watchtower and fly in space.

kengo: master of bushido the training was peaceful, also just him sitting in his room while you picked something to do.

the original monster hunter. some areas have these dinosaurs that just eat grass, their is peaceful music and you can just hang out. this is until a dragon shows up. also the towns are always just peaceful. the online town in that game had some various rooms you could stay in. you could order food and hang out.

the monkey island games all are peaceful to me. you never have to worry about getting attacked by something, you just solve puzzles and walk around.

x-men legends I and II, all the walking around areas before you selected a level.

skyrim hanging out in whiterun or any town before you start your first dragon kill.
Building things in Minecraft during the day (It's the music)

Absolutely. I also really enjoy the moment when you finish something, and take a moment to step back and admire your construction.

I also like certain views in Oblivion/Skyrim. Sometimes you're on a mountain top or near a lake, anywhere really, and a certain view will catch your eye.

Probably my personal favorite is wandering the Wasteland in Fallout 3. There's always the ever present threat of danger, but sometimes out in the vastness of the wastes with only the wind to accompany you, it's very peaceful.
  • Cruising around Liberty City at night listening to Electro-Choc.
  • Chilling out in the Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time.
  • Exploring Morrowind and Skyrim, assuming I can go ten seconds without being attacked by something.
  • Every second of Animal Crossing.
Walking around in the Tibetan village in Uncharted 2 definitely gets my vote
There's this brilliant moment in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in Chapter 5 - Veros Woods where you catch a view of your destination (a huge castle, duh) off in the distance just before the level ends. It's creepy, but probably the most breathtaking and impressive sight of this generation, for me. I always go back and play that level just to sit and look at that one view for a while.

Such an underrated gem.
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Some others

- Getting around town in Gravity Rush, with it's brilliant art direction and soothing score, is a great way of relaxing after some levels.

- For similar reasons, much of Xenoblade Chronicles is a relaxing experience.

- If this hasn't already been said, then let it be known that there is no better 'peaceful moment' than sailing the seas of The Wind Waker.

- I often find the opening to a Metroid game, when enemies aren't very threatening to be a unique and relaxing experience.

- Oh, OOOH! And, of course, any shoot out in a Kane and Lynch game!!!
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Pretty much any part in Oblivion and Skyrim, the music by Soule I actually listen to by itself to soothe me if I've had a rough day. Something about the landscape and the music that is always calming to me.

Metroid Prime when you first go into the Phendrana Drifts, the music and atmosphere is so calming for some reason. Love that.

Lot's of times in OOT were very calming, and just I could ride around and relax.

In the original Unreal, when you got out of the crashed ship, for it's time it was so unique, where there was a gorgeous beautiful landscape, with waterfalls, flowers, grass, rabbits, that whole first part was very soothing, and different.
Riding the horses in Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption are very peaceful when its just for the sake of checking out the amazing graphics!
Standing on the connecting bridge of the big shell and looking out towards the sea.

Seeing Raiden and Emma climb down that long ass tower of the big shell against the back drop of a sunset.

Naked Snake climbing up that ladder after killing, the end whislt Cynthia Harrel sings snake eater accappella.

looking out towards Manhattan as it rains and hearing the wind from the Tanker in MGS2.
when i found that oil rig called "plainview" in red dead redemptioni was standing by the tents and it was cloudy and raining and just so soothing. i love weather systems in some games especially the overcast or cloudy rainy days.

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