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Your most treasured Hulk comics official Thread.


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Sep 5, 2004
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This is the thread where we can post our most treasured and favorite Hulk books and comics. We can also tell why we like them, It can be the Tales To Astonish books where Hulk was appearing. Tell what condition your comic or book is in, like, Mint, Near Mint, Fair, Poor and so on.
Now post whatever you want about Hulk books and comics. I'll start.

My most favorite Hulk comic book I have is, The Incredible Hulk NO.125 1970.
Crap I love this one. It's when The Absorbing Man first appeared in a Hulk Comic book. I got it for $8.00 at a display of comics that they have once a year in my mall. The cover is sweet too, Absorbing Man is hitting Hulk in his head with his ball and chain. They are both standing on top a rocket in space. Now, The Absorbing Man is my favorite Hulk villain. My comic is in mint condition. I got it back in 2003.

My most rare one is Tales To Astonish NO.91 1967. It's part 2 of when Abomination appeared in the issue before. The cover has Hulk and Abomination to the side about ready to fight. I also got this at my mall. I got it for $10.00. Now the company that puts these displays out goes all over certain malls, So keep a look out in your mall, they might have it.
I got this comic this year, it's in near mint condition. Abomination is my second favorite Hulk villain.

If you want to know how much your comic is worth ask me, I can easily find out. Tell me what series it's in, the number, and it's condition.
Webhead, you missed the 1 in #125.

My prizes. I have all of the TTA issues but a couple of my faves are:

Tales To Astonish #59, VG condition. Hulk's first appearance in TTA.

TTA #100, VF. Greatest Hulk/Namor fight.
Hulk appears in Tales To Astonish #59? I thought it was #60. But I could be wrong.
#60 was the issue where he first began having his own feature. In #59, the Hulk battles Giant-Man.
I also have an old one with The Leader. I'll have too tell you guys what number it is later.

Okay here is the number, 116, Eve of Annihiltion. It's a good issue.

Sorry for the old thread.

I found The Incredible Hulk #105 for 12.00. It's called "This Monster Unleashed".

It's in Very Fine condition and can be worth up to $40.00.

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