Your Top 3 Action Sequences (No Lightsaber duels)

Hunter Rider

Oct 24, 2004
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Simple premise, I'll start. :)

1. The Battle of Hoth

2. Speederbike chase on Endor

3. Jabba's Sail-barge escape

I like your picks, but I'd probably swap out the speeder bike chase for the asteroid field.

And if you add a fourth, I'd say the gunport sequence from the escape from the Death Star.
Definitely the chase between the Executor fleet and the Millenium Falcon through the Asteroid Field.

To go from the very minimalist movements of the Falcon in "A New Hope" to seeing it dive and spiral and really kick it into gear in "Empire" was a tremendous advancement for ILM.

Beyond that, I think my favorite grand scale battle in the original trilogy is definitely the Battle of Endor between the Rebel and Imperial fleets in space involving the 2nd Death Star.
It's not a big action scene, but when Leia, Lando, Chewie and the droids are trying to rescue Han from Boba Fett after he was frozen in carbonite.

Battle of Endor.

Speederbike chase on Endor
The Battle of Hoth all the way.

I'd say the Battle of Yavin at the end of ANH is a close second.

But man, everything about Hoth, from the actual location, to the prep before the battle, the walkers, the way Luke and the rebel's assault is intercut with Han and the rest trying to escape. Then to top it all of you end with Darth Vader himself showing up and being menacing.

Simply a perfect scene. Thinking about it, I can't recall any movie that has done a battle this effectively this early in the story.
1. Battle of Hoth
2. Asteroid Field Chase
3. Battle of Yavin
Battle of Hoth
Battle of Yavin
Battle of Endor
The Battle of Hoth is definitely one of the greatest action scenes ever, but the space battle above Endor and the Trench Run are fantastic.
The assault on the second Death Star is my number one.
Battle of Hoth
Space Battle of Endor
Battle of Yavin
In no particular order:
Asteroid Chase
Battle of Yavin
Jabba's sail barge escape

Honorable mention to the Battle of Endor (both attacks in space against the death star and land with troopers vs ewoks+rebels)
1. Luke and the Rancor: UH-MAZ-ZING PUH-PAT. Plus there was only 1 lightsabre, so its not a duel. :D

2. Battle of Hoth.

3. Battle of Endor.
1.Sail Barge Assault. First time I saw it as a kid,I was completely blown away.Luke as a full fledged Jedi Knight.:jedi

2.Speeder Bike Chase

3.Luke vs the Rancor
Battle of Hoth

Luke v. AT-AT...(or was it ST?) I know it's part of the Hoth battle, but the way Luke took out a tank like a boss (before he had recived formal Jedi training) made it stand apart from the main battle for me.

Battle of Endor (Surface battle)
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Battle of Hoth
-Just works on every level. Also allows for some unpredictability, like Dak getting killed and forcing Wedge to make the saving throw, or even Luke himself shot down and take out a walker on foot--which you wouldn't be able to get away with in the vacuum of space.

Trench Run
-Best action music moment in all three films as the X-wings dive in for the initial attack, and the mounting tension of being trapped from the front and back and picked off one at a time by Vader.

Falcon's turrets vs the TIE Fighters
-I don't know why this one really does it for me--it's not really elaborate or choreographed. But it's not nice quick editing and is one of the few instances where Han and Luke are fighting (more or less) side by side instead of on different fronts.

Runner up would be Luke's attack on Jabba's Sail Barge, cementing him as a fully-fledged Jedi that can pull off a (somewhat needlessly) complex attack plan.
Trench Run
-Best action music moment in all three films as the X-wings dive in for the initial attack, and the mounting tension of being trapped from the front and back and picked off one at a time by Vader.
To this day, this sequence makes me want to stand up and cheer. It just doesnt get old no matter how many times i see it. It's a perfect mix of danger, awesome music, a very powerful moment (with Ben speaking to Luke) and Han coming in to save the day just when Luke's about to get blown away by Vader :hrt:
1. Battle of Hoth
2. Trench Run
3. Han shooting first :(

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