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Your Top Ten Action Movies of the 2000's! (2000-2010)

Hunter Rider

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Oct 24, 2004
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This one was harder to do than the previous decades as I tried to stick to more traditional action films and left out SW and CBM's.

10. The Fast & The Furious

I never thought this would turn into a deacade plus spanning franchise that is about to deliver it's 6th movie, but the first was a cool slice of a little known sub-culture with a great heist sequence and a fantastic final showdown between Dom and Brian that worked as an adrenaline pumping set piece and as a character scene.

9. Man on Fire

Quentin Tarantino called it "The Godfather of Revenge movies", critics with PC mindsets didn't like it, some people had issues with the editing style Tony Scott used, I personally think it's badass with Denzel at the top of his game and a sweet central story of hope between his burnt out killer and Dakota Fanning's upbeat little girl, amidst the dynamic violence.

8. The Bourne Identity

Comfortably my favourite of the amnesiac assassin trilogy, it has the most heart, the best car chase, a great sequence in the Swiss bank and my favourite fight scene of the series, the way that assassin crashes through the window still makes me jump lol.

7. Shooter

I think this one is really underrated, a quality political thriller with a couple of great set pieces that utilizes the lead characters sniping expertize really well.

6 Bad Boys II

Crass, politically incorrect, overlong they cry! I don't care is my reply. The action is just badass with not one but two of the best car chases ever and some great shootouts, along with some laughs as Smith and Lawrence play off each other so well.

5. Mission Impossible II

I think this film is harshly critiqued, the car chase/dance is beautiful, the infiltration sequence is masterful and the bike chase/shootout finale is one of the finest action sequences ever crafted IMO.

4. A Bittersweet Life

I hesitate to call it an action movie as while it has two outstanding action sequences it is more of a drama/thriller, but the two sequences are so good and the intensity of the revenge and redemption story knit them together beautifully.

3. Live Free or Die Hard

Not enough f bombs and blood for some but for me this is the best sequel in the franchise and a damn fine action film. The analogue McClane against a digital era threat was a good set up and the action sequences were superb as McClane faces a parkour specialist assassin and takes on an F-35 with a big rig truck!

2. Mission Impossible III

The most emotionally charged MI movie with the best villain of the series, portrayed by Phillip Seymour Hoffman with a chilling performance. The rescue mission, the Vatican infiltration and kidnap, the amazing bridge sequence and Ethan's race to save Julia all deliver on the action front.

1. Casino Royale

The greatest secret agent of them all returned yet again with a new face but the same director as the similarly outstanding Brosnan debut. For me this is the best Bond film ever with a great journey for the character and some great action sequences, including the stunning opening foot chase and the airport ROTA-esque sequence as Bond tries to prevent a plane being bombed. Bond was back in a big way!
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Decent list, but you lost me with Live Free or Die Hard. Sorry, but that's one of the worst big budget movies of the last ten years. It was awful. I watch it and laugh, In the same vein as Batman and Robin.

I'll have to spend some time on my list. Might take a while.
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The Bourne Trilogy

The Dark Knight


Spider-man 2


District B13

The Transporter

310 to Yuma


..It's hard to narrow it down. I could of listed a lot more. Not sure if I should rank Lord of the Rings , but those battle sequences were amazing. Also Transformers is worth mentioning.
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I enjoy your list of films Hunter Rider. It's hard for me to make a list with so many great action films.
I enjoyed your list. You lost me on one or two. But it's refreshing to see someone be true to themselves and honest about films they indeed like on a film forum these days.

Curious what your thoughts are on MI4?
And why you chose those Bourne over the others?
I enjoyed your list. You lost me on one or two. But it's refreshing to see someone be true to themselves and honest about films they indeed like on a film forum these days.

Curious what your thoughts are on MI4?
And why you chose those Bourne over the others?

Heh, I've never been concerned with following the pack when it comes to what is deemed "cool," I mean I'm a Tom Cruise, Michael Bay and Pro Wrestling fan. :D

I loved MI4, my favourite of the franchise and it would be #1 on my list for post-2010.

It's the only Bourne I really like as it has Maria in it and action I can actually see, I have always felt the other Bourne films were cold and I hated the shaky cam action style of Greengrass.
It was really hard for me to narrow this down to 10 movies, but I eventually managed it. These aren't in any particular order, though, because I couldn't figure out how I'd rank them:
* Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (this is actually my second-favorite film in the Prequel Trilogy, but makes this list in lieu of my favorite film - Revenge of the Sith - because it's got a much higher 'action quotient' than that film; it's also fun to see Obi-Wan get to play detective, experience Yoda fighting, and to see Chancellor Palpatine's machinations take full effect and push the galaxy into all-out conflict)

* Serenity (I loved Joss Whedon's Firefly from the moment it first premiered, and continue to count it among my favorite television series of all time - short-lived though it was - and was absolutely elated when Joss announced Serenity; however, even if you've never seen Firefly, the film is a great action piece in and of itself, which is why it makes this list)

* Underworld (I've always been a big fan of vampire stories, and so this movie was right up my alley; it also didn't hurt that features a great story and a really great, kick-a*** heroine in Seline)

* Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Even though it's nearly universally panned, KotCS did something that I'd previously thought was impossible: it dethroned Temple of Doom as my absolute-favorite Indiana Jones film, and it did it because of a combination of Harrison Ford's still-phenomenal acting, the return of Marion Ravenwood, and the addition of great new characters)

* Children of Men (I LOVE this movie; it's more of a dystopian thriller than a straight-up action film and is kind of confusing in places, but it makes this list because of Alfonso Cuaron's brilliant directing and the acting of its youngest star, Clare-Hope Ashetey)

* Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (This is, IMO, a criminally under-rated and under-appreciated movie; it's a fun action serial in the vein of the original Star Wars films and the Indiana Jones series, and features great 3D visuals and a stellar voice cast)

* Avatar (I'm a Sci-Fi junkie, and James Cameron's magnum opus would make this list based solely on the fact that it's a great Sci-Fi film, but what puts it over-the-top for me is the great story and characters and the way Cameron immerses you in the world he's created)

* Casino Royale (I've only seen a handful of James Bond movies, but this is by far my favorite; Daniel Craig's turn as the iconic 007 is brilliantly played, and you can feel Bond's pain and desire for revenge after he loses Vesper; it also features a really cool opening sequence with Bond chasing a fugitive across rooftops like a madman)

* Spider-Man 2 (This movie is the best in Sam Raimi's trilogy, and remains one of the best comic-book-based movies in the history of EVER; Alfred Molina's Doc Ock also remains one of the greatest comic-book villains in film history, and his confrontation with Toby Maguire's Peter Parker/Spider-Man remains one of my favorite fight sequences EVER)

* LXG (This film might be universally panned just like KotCS is, but I happen to love it; it's a fun little Indiana Jones-esque action adventure piece, and features Sean Connery getting to do what he does best and kick some a*** alongside a great supporting cast of characters; it doesn't ultimately even matter that it wasn't all that true to its source material because it's just a fun thrill-ride of a movie)
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Keeping in with Hunter's criteria;

1. Collateral (2004)

An action movie by way of Alfred Hitchcock. Tom Cruise is an absolute boss, and here he's above and beyond what anyone could have expected from him.

Dark neo noir and white knuckle tense action at it's finest. One of the best movies I've ever seen, action or otherwise.

2. Universal Soldier: Regeneration (2009)

I kid you not. I never expected this movie to blindside me the way it did. No budget, set inside an abandoned Bulgarian factory, with a director hired maybe out of nepotism, two washed up b grade actors who could only be bothered to put in cameos, a couple of wrestlers and a handful of stuntmen. After all that and it somehow becomes one of my favourite movies ever.

After the horrendous shaky cam craze comes a movie with some of the most intense, crystal clear action scenes ever filmed. The fight between Van Damme and Dolph was everything I'd ever dreamed of, or ever wanted in a smack down between two action legends, a brutal, knock down, drag out fight, shot like it was out of Eastern cinema, by way of a UFC PPV.

With his tight direction, superb actors direction (You will believe Dolph Lundgren can act, genuinely act!) and weird injection of pathos and Philp K. Dickensian themes, John Hyams became a director to watch out for.

3. Rambo (2008)

A huge surprise given what a joke the character had become by popular culture. While the lizard part of my brain can drool over Sly .50 cal-ing hundreds of people into bags of red jelly, what really strikes me is how sincere Sly's film is. He actually humanises the character, while still playing with the legend of Rambo and subtly making him an allegory for the Angel of Death.

4. Crank (2006)

To this day still Jason Statham's best case for getting into action movie Valhalla. A film I still can't believe exists after seven years.

5. Taken (2008)

While it's remembered for being the Liam Neeson show, what really strikes me about the film is that it's a complete masterpiece in pacing. Lean, mean and no wasted scenes. I honestly think this hasn't been achieved in Hollywood since the movie Predator. It's a shame Pierre Morrel hasn't been more prolific.

6. Tears of the Sun (2003)

Antoine Fuqua handles a very touchy subject with class and seriousness. Not to mention a fantastic performance by Bruce Willis.

7. Shooter (2007)

A really smart thriller, which unfold tight manner, never getting bogged down as other films of this kind do. Much like Hunter I love how it gets into the minutiae and strangely, the artistry that goes being a sniper. Mark Wahlberg's Bob Lee Swagger is an underrated character, in that it's the small things he does that other action heroes don't. He's always covering his tracks, he's always mindful of his surroundings and always improvising with the whatever he can. He's like the Christopher Nolan reboot of MacGuyver.

8. District B13 (2004)

Once again Pierre Morrel shows his amazing ability to move at breakneck speeds while throwing everything he can at the screen. A buddy cop remake of Escape from New York, with parkour and kung-fu!

9. Casino Royale (2006)

An absolutely amazing take on a character 21 films in at that point. Craig owned the role, the film was just fantastic all around.

10. A Bittersweet Life (2005)

I'm out of steam at this point. It's just a ****ing awesome movie alright? If you haven't seen it you're missing out.

Honourable mentions;

The Tournament (2009), Man on Fire (2004), Body of Lies (2008), Death Race (2008), Undisputed (2002), Undisputed II (2006).
It'd take me a bit to make one but I want to give props for the selection of Shooter. Highly underrated film.
is old boy considered action it does have that epic hammer fight!!!
I liked Shooter a lot and thought about putting it on my list; it's definitely an Honorable Mention for me, joining the following movies in that category:
Titan AE
Vantage Point
Get Smart
The Italian Job '03

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