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The Dark Knight Your Vision of the Bat Rogues

JOKER: no origin except a dead on hint he has connections to Salvatore Maroni ("whasa a matte dontcha recognize me any more Sally? AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!) he is sadistic, creepy and has a vendetta against all of Gotham especially the Maroni family who he blames for his "one bad day". he is humouress in a dead-baby-joke kinda way, his laugh should be sinister and creepy. he employs a toxic "laughing gas" which causeing victims to laugh until they can no longer breath and slowly suffecated as well as guns, knives and axes. he often uses the radio (hacked into) to announce his schemes, but no one can ever truley stop him, he's always one step ahead of everyone. he is hideousley deformed, his skin bleached white his hair blackish green with a grotesque smile, his fingers are abnormally long and bony and his skin on his face is stretched across his skull.

TWO-FACE: good natured DA with a dark secret, a second personality. the case of hunting down The Joker and his wife being sadistically tortured by him (The Joker) his dark personality begins to emerge. it fully does when Salvatore Maroni hurls a base chemical into his face. the doctors repair the damage on one side, but the damage was too serious on the other, and the attempted surgery was botched, leaving a horribly deformed, slighty redtinnted and hairless/lipless mess where the right side of his face once was. the trauma sends him through the roof and he blames Batman and Gordon for not saveing him and sets out on a vendetta against the man who did it, who was however shot and killed by The Joker before Dent could get at him, leaving Joker on the hit list.
Joker- Flamboyant, charismatic, theatrical, and sadistic. Starts out as a starving comedian trying to make ends-meat for him and his family. He lives in the Narrows with his wife (who is expecting a baby on the way.) She thinks he should give up his comedy, but he refuses to hear it. He hates his dead-end job at the chemical plant he works at and comedy has always been his passion. Eventually, the landlord comes to the apartment looking for last month's rent, which he can't pay him for, but promises he'll get the money any means necessary.

He goes and ends up in the Red Hood Gang and as for an initiation into the gang he must perform a task that'll leave the city with a bang! So he goes to the chemical plant he hates working at and plans to bomb it killing his boss and everyone else working there, unfortunately Batman shows up, they fight, and he ends up falling into a vat of chemicals.

Two-Face - He hides his two personalities already in fear the press will get ahold of his schizophrenia and have a field day with it. Outside and in public he is Harvey Dent, the new D.A., a handsome-looking and respectable young man who plans to clean up Gotham, and has a partnerhsip with Jim Gordon. But in his home he struggles with his Hyde-self (Big Bad Harv) who is wanting out.

When he busts Rupert Thorne and The Joker we'll see in movie 3 him finally let Big Bad Harv out to play like a pitbull in it's kennel waiting to strike.

Mr. Freeze- BTAS version.

Poison Ivy- A radical environmentalist.

The Penguin- Either the businessman-like Penguin or the Danny Devito-version/BTAS version.

Killer Croc- Penguin's righthand man. He's basically Penguin's enforcer whom he found working in a traveling circus troupe before making his way to the Gotham docks boxing and wrestling in "Fight Club"-like fights for extra cash.

Mad Hatter- A man who lives and breathes "Alice in Wonderland" and is like the BTAS version. I'm sorry I don't like the pedophile approach. It's dark and twisted but kids will be in the audience and mothers will be rebuking the movie and protesting till their throats get sore.

Catwoman- She's a dominatrix with cat ears. She loves leather, whips, pain, S&M, bondage, etc. She is a cat burgular too.

Bane- An assassin for hire who turns into a behemoth. He is cunning, smart, and has been in the hitman business for years.

Babydoll- Either she is a midget or a woman with a birth-defect who regresses back to the earliest of childhood. (Cameo in Arkyum prison.)

The Ventriloquist- Nervous, always sweaty, very gittery, but when Scarface is at his side he is calm, determined, and easily manipulated to do the dummy's will.

The Riddler- Either a mad bomber who leaves riddles or a serial killer who leaves riddles ala "Seven."

Harley- Psychiatrist turned ditsy, lovestruck bimbo blonde.

Firefly- Change it where he works for Wayne Technologies and steals a armored suit that can withstand bullets, electricity, fire, water, ice, etc.

The suit of course has a built in jetpack, but Firefly includes wrist-rockets like Jango Fett and he carries around a flamethrower.

Manbat- Won't work in Nolan's world.

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