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Jul 24, 2012
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Since I watched the Dark Knight trilogy, I've started thinking about a comic series set between BB and TDK detailing batman's actions during the 8 months time difference. And later on when I was talking to my brother about it, he said he'd be interested in a comic book adaptation of the scrapped Bruce Wayne TV series.

So what would you do?
If you had one wish and that wish had to be something comic book/graphic novel related, then what would that wish be?

P.S. let me know what you thought about my comic series idea and how do you think other villains like killer croc, mr freeze, poison ivy, riddler etc. would be adapted into Nolan's Universe?
i would love to see a Graphic Novel based on the end of " Cabin in the Woods ", which would show the Old God's unleashing the Apocalypse.
I don't really get spazzed over Nolan's interpretation of Bats, also comics are different than movies, Nolan brings things down to our level which is not necessarily good in a drawn interpretation.

I would like to see a graphic novel about superskrull on a skrull planet, no humans just getting to know their culture. Same for other alien species of marvel and dc.

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