Zelda Fan Film

Thanks. We will be filming around 1:00 in the morningish...It's an interior job...I rearranged one of the spare rooms in our house as a set for the Kokiri House of Link.
Filming was a big success last night! And now, as promised, here is a photo of the Actor playing Link: (taken at my own home, using a Veo cam. Which explains the quality.)

Dude, huge Zelda fan right here!

This is my dream to direct a zelda film, well anywhoo, what;s your story? ARe you going to follow the gam at all?
How about the diffrent races?

Or are you just going for a more kokiri version? Which you can have a lot of fun with.
Zelda in it? Ganon?

Im really intrested on were you take this, and I will be your toughest crititic dude, out of respect though, dont take that the wrong way.
Following OOT closely, but on a budget. Meaning no Zora's or Goron's, sadly. Believe you me when I say I wanted to have them in, but... It's a two part movie, like a serial. But longer. Kid version now, and when we get this one finished, we started on the Adult Version. But there are referances to the Goron's and Zora's though. See it as they are in there, you just don't see 'em.
Oh, and a little help is needed. I am working (currently) on a Quaser VHS Recorder. I need to know if I can record scenes in random order with that (meaning as in real films, Middle, last, and First) kind of camera, and if so, can I edit them together?
so BaughProd#2 have u found someone to play adult link yet?
Hey Baugh, Just wanted to drop in and say hey and good luck on ur film.. I havent seen u on Aim lately. Good to see that ur film is on the fast track.
so BaughProd#2 tell us all about this movie i want to know more
Awe come on! With enough sculpting clay you could make convincing Zoras and Gorons.
Hope you dont mind but can i take a crack at that poster? I mean i am a huge Zelda fan's and i love to do poster art. So if you dont mind may i do a poster?
but lets find out some more details about the film man i gotta no more
That's Link in the corner not zelda. ;) And sry about the flare but to me it gives more life to a poster, depends on what project the poster is for. I put the production part there because it's somethin new, most posters dont use that.
I am back...hadda film today, and then I slept...No time to get on...But, a new image there be! The newest image of Link in uniform. We went for a more burlap look, as to stay close to the game, but make it more real. The image quality sucks, I know...but me Dig. Camera ain't working. So...


And, about the Adult Link thing, as I said before: We do not start on Pt. 2 until we finish this...

P.S., Jeff had this to say about the costume: " The game's costume needed to be a little more reality based. The game is fantasy, so cool and cooler, but ya gotsa say some things
about something."

I want to finish this around October next year, Which gives me sixteen months, more than a year to film this. I gotta say though, my head's going around in circles on some of the shots I have to
lol those posters are laughable. could you make an EFFORT? I hope your skills in Photoshop, or lack there of, don't speak for your film making ability... Because if they do, then your film has been officially F***ed before you even started.
Thank 'ee, Thank 'ee. How does the costume look, as much as you or I can make out from that picture...?
ummmm,, no offense i mean coming from a film maker myself i do wish u luck it's just that the coustume look's alittle crappy, like i siad no offense.
I told you, it's probably from the camera. Our camera is a crappy Veo brand...I will be taking better photo's soon.

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