10 Things Movie Theaters Won't Tell You

I used to work at a movie theatre in downtown Vancouver. There's one thing I'd like to correct on that original list. Movie theatres make next to no money off of ticket sales. So much of the box office goes to the film makers that what's left is only about enough to cover the rent and utilities on the building every month.

You were doing well until you said "movie makers". The profits go back to the distributor, not the movie makers, and the distributor still needs to pay the studio etc.

As for ticket sales covering rent and utilities, the cinema chain I work for only has one of its sites operating at that kind of profitability (Pure speculation on my part - It could be zero cinemas) and the rest of us just break even on the combined revenue steams of ticket sales, concession sales and advertising. If cinemas could cover operating costs on ticket sales alone then we'd all be rolling in money.

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