2008 Australian Open thread.

Federer is the man for the slam, depends though on if Nadal is back to full fitness and if Djorkovic has gained a bit more composure, then we might see a close run thing.
Nadal is not great on hard court but he will win the French agian.

Hopefully Nalbandian wont trouble Fed like he did at the end of this year.
Serena's out <sob> and on sharapovas current form she looks the best bet to win but Venus could be a dark horse she is completely overlooked this year by most people.
Even though Roger said he didnt feel any of the stomach symptoms he had,it's pretty obvious that he's not in a great form...tonight he'll have an easier job style-wise with Blake but then he'll face probably Nole who's playing very well at the moment.

BTW i watched Nadal againt Jarko last night and if a more composed,confident player was against him he would've lost...so really it's a toss up,no one is playing amazingly and everyone can beat everyone...but as a Roger fan i'll go with him.
Like i've predicted Federer Djokovic in the semi-final...this could be a great match and i believe Nadal is too much experienced for Tsonga...so Federer-Nadal come Sunday?
Looks like it is going to be a dream final of Federer vs Nadal.

What more could you ask for?
WOW What a beating Nadal took today...Tsonga is a monster!!!

Now come on Roger make it to the final and we'll witness fireworks on Sunday.
I didn't get to see the finals, but it seems that Djokovic won and beat Tsonga. Final score was 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 (2).
Yeah it was a great match, hats off to Tsonga, he played damn well but Djokovic was amazing. Keep your eyes on these two, we have not heard the last of them yet.

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