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ABC developing "Finn & Sawyer"


Definitely Not 40
Apr 4, 2004
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The network is developing Finn & Sawyer, a contemporary take on Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

The drama hails from Detroit 1-8-7 duo Jason Richman and David Zabel and is described as an adventure-themed reinvention that revolves around the two famed literary characters who re-meet as young men in their 20s and form an investigative firm in a bustling and steampunk New Orleans.

Richman and Zabel (ER) will write and executive produce the project from ABC Studios and Temple Hill Entertainment.

Finn & Sawyer is the latest adaptation of the famed novel, which was first published in 1884. Coincidentally, ABC adapted the material for a 1975 TV movie that starred Happy Days duo Ron Howard and Donny Most as Huck and Tom, respectively, and again in 1985 with Drew Barrymore as Hucklemary Finn for another movie of the week.
The sound of it being set in a steampunk New Orleans reminds me of the Poe pilot a year or so ago... that didn't go to series and this might not either. But regardless, this should be interesting.
hmmmm... just don't know WHAT to make of this one...
I clicked in, hoping in vain that it would be a spinoff of both Glee and Lost, but was disappointed.

Finn Hudson couldn't handle Sawyer, even in his wildest dreams. :o

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