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World abram krypton scene on line!!!

Peter L Griffin

Aug 31, 2004
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Peace. Nature. The only sound the gentile brushing of tall wheat.

A five-year old girl, the picture of innocence. Sits on the ground, holding a small flower. Her hair moves softly in the breeze.

Pull back for a massive long shot. The endless field adjacent to a thick forest. Snowy mountains, hundereds of miles away. Three moons in daytime sky. The whole image washed in a CRIMSON GLOW; on this planet, their sun is red. And these words appear on the screen,


We’re tight again on the little girl. She picks another flower, collecting them. Shes so adorable we could almost watch her forever. Then her head snaps up- she hears something we do not.

A moment later and we feel it: a deep and powerful distant THUD. Then another.

She stands. Looks off, worried . Another, LOUDER, DEEPER, THUD. CRASHING, SNAPPING, RUMBLING-something ****ing gargantuan is coming. As her face grows in panic all of a sudden theres silence-

The little girls eyes dart around-what was that? Is it gone? Will it c-

KA-RASH! The girl screams in sheer horror as a twelve story tall three leged war machine – a walking tank(a rouser) crashes through the oforrest – its fire turrets belching flame, instantly scorching the ground-and the beast is headed her way!

The girl runs-holy **** does she run-screaming her hbead off-but the words in kryptonian



The girl runs past us-we pan to reveal her distant, doomed, un earthly home. We realize this is a borderland:her house set amid enormous walls-fences-that resemble tank stops.

The enormous ROUSER MECH WARRIOR charges forward – spitting its napalm in appalling bursts. And we boom up, looking over the horizon-there are dozens more of these beast machines coming.

And the tower rousers break through the blockades-automated DEFENSE MUNITIONS FIRE at the dinosuar tanks – but there are too many of the them. The border is crossed…..


A hendheld camera races behind a senate officer who sprints down a long corridor - - the image is shaky and fast. And this building feels imposing-the design almost japaniese in influence combined with huge scale of soviet era government buildings.

The officer bursts into:


A magnificent meeting space the heart of this political system. 8 species are represented-forty seven senior senate members surround the central lectern where four hierrarachs flank their king.

All heads turns to the visiblu shaken, out of breatheofficer, who makes a dire announcement(note all scenes on krypton will be spoken in kryptonian -- an actuall language we will develop later.


Theyve crosses the border into darajin.

The senate members are stunned. they all inevitably turn to one man -- and so do we : the camera moves in to reveal jor-el, their handsome, rugged 39 year old leader.


Have we heard from Kaas?


Sir, the general is dead.

Jor-el absorbs the devestating news -- then suddenly vaults into action.


Its a panic in here the bustling command center of their military. two dozen lieutenants, still eight species being represented, talk over each other, manning their stations. holographic monitors show the damage is being done, complex symbols and diagrams indicating just how much progress the enemy is making.

Jor-el bursts through the door into the room, taking in information from one lieutenants who reportys directly to jor-el and indicates the monitors-


They attacked at once, form east and the south-


But their units in menna were destroyed-


Im afraid those were decoys.

Increasingly distraught, Jor-eL moves to another screen - - calls up other icons of surviving troops-not many.


We have no offense left-

Jor-el looks at the lieutenant, enraged. he stares back, anxious.


Sir look at our positions. Tell me you see a way out.

Jor-el looks back at the screens. we move in on his face as he becomes increasingly aware thast his people for the moment, are damned.

Jor-el eyes swell with tears. the lieutenant is still fixed on, wishing for a miracle.


Go to your family.


Sir my job is here I-


Im ordering you to go.

(beat, forceful)


A beat. finally the lieutenant nods. then heads off. were on jor-el now. alone. looking off. his heart sinking as the sounds of destruction grow louder.


A massive, glorious capital city, currently under siege. MECH WARRIORS crash through the streerts attacking fleeing people.

We follow one giant war machine, panning with it revealing the citys palace in the distance.


Jor-el hurries down a corridor, followed by his wife, LARA, who is crying --BEGING



But hes determined- he keeps going.


Lara you knew this day might come.


But there must be something else we cna do,


here isnt.

And she stops him physically.


He is our SON! And I will not send him away!


Our baby...

Jor-el looks at her, his heart faring no better. But if he is not strong in this moment theres no hope for the future at all. He embraces her, quietly.


My love, there is no time.

He kisses her forehead and then looks in her red wet eyes. his looks silently asks, are you ready? she just cries, defeated.


With a shockingly loud hiss a portal opens-were looking inside the transport capsule--large enough for one adult. but were tight on an infant, as he is placed on the cushioned interior of the capsule.

the child-baby kal-el, who will one day become superman -- looks up hopefully at the parents who are about to send him light years away.

The child, oblivious, smiles at his parents, a still teary eyed lara has just reluctantly placed her son into the carrier. jor-el stands beside her. they look down at thier son for a last, heartbraking moment.

Jor-el touches the baby and we see just how devestating this is for him.


Look at us now, so that one day, you might remember us.

theres a distant thundering-the machines are coming.

We see now were in a large obsveratory like space. jor-el uses a holograpic keyboad and the capsule portalCLOSES. We can see the infant inside through a window as the capsule begins t FILL WITH A CLEAR THICK LIQUID.

lARA CHOKES BACK TEARS as the gel covers her son, she turns away.

Jor-el continues the operation in what is some kind of nanotechnology. a metallic outer sheel GROWS on the pod.

Then the high cieling slides open.

the countdown has begun-jor-el goe sfor lara.


We have to go.

As the launch alarm blares, jor-el starts out, then returns for his wifes hand-yells for her to come, trying to desperatly mantain her sanity she runs with him.


Jor-el and lara run through the labyrinthine gardenas behind them their sons escape pod blasts into space. they turn to look--the force almost blows them over.

Jor-el hgrabs his wifes hand and they kep running - - finally they arrive at a dirt ytrail -- a a vehicleis here, a zooba, a ne wheelded gyroscope controled speeder, with a strang looking creature manning the naglebar. this is taga. imagine turtle as big you but without a shell.

Lara gets on as jor-el urgently talks to taga, who nods and responds, a devoted follower. lara gets whats happening-


Your coming with me-


you will see me again. I promise you,

he grabs her fac and kisses her passionatly, a nearby explosion rocks the camera. jor-el turns and looks at the palace, then commands taga to go-FAR-FAST.



Its mayhem, in classic wartime documentery HANDHELD STYLE, we witness two mech warriors crash through the enterance of the palace.

soldiers wielding powerful leaser weapons fire at the machine monsters with jor-el leading the charge, he runs past pillars, yelling orders to his troops. firing at the invaders.

Jor-el fights with enemy troops : his skills with matrial arts and weapons are magnificent. he skillfully twirls a blasstaff -- a three footlong laser pulse blaster that can fire from either end..

jor-el then switches weapons and firees what looks like a grenade launcher at one of the mechs- it lands in the underbelly of the beast --jor-el yells for his troops to scatter-he dives as the machine explodes violently.

Smoke everywhere, jor-el looks up and spots the LIEUTENANT from before, lying on the ground badly hurt. jorel rushes to his side-


It was my duty to stay,

jor-el grabs the lieutenant, is helping him up, when suddenly something grab shim jorle around the neck-- its a collar, attached to a long wire which suddenly goes taut, jor-el is yanked outside.


And er relize now:this living collar is attatched toone of the twelve story mechs. jorel is now lying in agony on the grounds outside his semi-demolished palace. the mech towers above him, one of its enourmous laser cannons only a few feet above, aimed directly at him.

Then all goes quiet. jor-el, bones broken, rolls over. an sees, like a vision, someone step through the smoke.

only a few years younger then jor-el, this kryptonion, who is leading the enemy, is jor-el brother. his name is kata-zor and he moves to his stricken older borther and looks down upon him. theres a familiar desiese in his eyes, weve seen it before in ty-zors eyes.


Can you imagine? what father would say, seeing me, standing above you like this?

Jor-el just looks at his brother contempt, the silence infuriates kata-zor-he leans close. an intense, frightening moment.


I know what youve done. that youve sent the boy off-planet. hoping to fulfil the prphecy,

(touches jor-els face)


KATA-ZOR STARTS TO SQUEEZE JOR-ELS FACE-POWERFuLLY, painfully, kata zor leans in even closer.


And these are the hands....that will kill him.

Kata zor shoves away jor-els ace and stands barking to his liuetenant,


I want the boy.


Sir the pod could be headed for any on thousand places.,


Then send a thousand men!


Dozens of kata-zors soldiers --hundereds ofthem -- run across a tarmac to their pods. they secure themselves in, hatches closing-preparations made.


A shot so long that you can make out the curvature of the planet. and suddenly pods come. hundereds of them lifting off from krypton and disappearing into space. all headed away for an innocent little child...who couldnt possibly nkow the journey that lies ahead.

our music swells, epic, and then:
yeah, good thing Singer's on the job, cuz I don't like this...
Jesster32388 said:
Where are u gettin these pages?
You can get JJ’s script quite easy these days. I got a copy of E-Bay. It’s good, but I feel better knowing that Singer’s onboard.
IT is Batgirl said:
I stopped reading when i saw "Mech Warrior."
Wow, sounds pretty close minded to me :up:

I actually kind of enjoyed that. Something different from the " Krypton's gonna blow up, let's get our kid the f**k out of here" story.
I bet this would've been decent if they were re-satarting everything. IMO
KrypJonian said:
Wow, sounds pretty close minded to me :up:

I actually kind of enjoyed that. Something different from the " Krypton's gonna blow up, let's get our kid the f**k out of here" story.
I bet this would've been decent if they were re-satarting everything. IMO

I skipped down to the end of the scene. Who is that Kata-Zor person?
wow, that was crap.
Please, don't post this garbage! It's bad enough knowing that Abrams/Peters/McG/Ratner were going to do a number on Superman. I don't need to actually see the filth before my eyes.

Please, no more! Down with Abrams!
IT is Batgirl said:
I skipped down to the end of the scene. Who is that Kata-Zor person?
Jor-El's brother...

This was pure drek.... awful, awful. :down:

So glad that film didn't get made and that abrams is sticking to TV. (Love Lost...)
Well, think about it this way...makes one appreciate the way things are that much more, right? :)
Zorex_519 said:
Well, think about it this way...makes one appreciate the way things are that much more, right? :)
Yep. :up:
And you all would've given it the price of admission at least once.
WOW !!!
That was... SUPERBLY... lame !!
Can't believe this is the same dude tht writes ALIAS.

Oh well...

It could've been a good movie though... NOT Superman movie... but some other movie.
KrypJonian said:
And you all would've given it the price of admission at least once.

oh, of course. It may have sucked, but I'm still a Superman fan.
Zorex_519 said:
oh, of course. It may have sucked, but I'm still a Superman fan.
Pride has no holding on the \S/ fans
Zorex_519 said:
Well, think about it this way...makes one appreciate the way things are that much more, right? :)

You can say that again!
Its sad cause I really like LOST and Alias and am looking forward to what Abrams cooks up for Mission Impossible 3.
That was just ummmm....loss for words.
green said:
Its sad cause I really like LOST and Alias and am looking forward to what Abrams cooks up for Mission Impossible 3.

:up: M:I-3... :up:
He needs to take English Composition again.
I think is was great, it would make a good animated movie
Bloody Awful!!! I don't see the point in having a civil war Krypton. I always liked the Pseudo-Utopian Krypton. It better shows how that even the Kryptonians were still far from perfect and ultimately caused their own demsie due to their own arrogance and shortsightedness. That display up there is just pointless and is just a pointless action sequence. :down :down :down
Actually JJ's script sounded pretty cool, although I have to agree with all you, the krypton bit was lame! too starwars for me!
I agree with Kroc. The whole thing was a pointless, predictable action sequence. Krypton doesn't need an action sequence. Too much action sucks, especially when it's that short and with characters no one's ever heard of. Donnor's was great, very dramatic and clean. Words can't describe how glad I am that movie isn't being made.

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