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American Ninja. Remember this movie?


Jul 14, 2002
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Remember this movie? :o
Micheal Dudikoff almost has my last name, just missing an "n" and he has an "ff" instead of a "v"

Wasn't it titled American Warrior when it came out?
Wasn't it titled American Warrior when it came out?

American Ninja is a 1985 martial arts action film produced by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus's Cannon Films. Like most other films produced by that studio, American Ninja was a low-budget action film. Directed by Sam Firstenberg, who specialized in this genre in the 80s, the film stars Michael Dudikoff in the title role, with Steve James as his side-kick. Domestic box office grosses for the picture totalled $10,499,694, and the studio responded with a competently-made but less successful sequel, American Ninja 2: The Confrontation in 1987. Three more commercially and critically unsuccessful sequels would follow with another lead actor, David Bradley. Dudikoff returned for the fourth film in this franchise, along with Bradley. The fifth and final film in the American Ninja franchise disregarded the series continuity and was a direct-to-video release.

The film was originally called American Warrior, but was changed to American Ninja prior to its release. The trailer (included on the DVD) contains the original title. In Germany, however, the film was released under the title American Fighter.
I love the mid-80's Ninja craze. This film was pure Cheese even back in the day.
I love the mid-80's Ninja craze.

Those movies are so bad, but as a kid, I was completely caught up in it....and they were all made by Cannon films. Sho Kosugi was a bad ass MO FO! [BLACKOUT][/BLACKOUT]
I saw this in the theater when it was out :p

That was great. However, I would argue that Walker: Texas Ranger manages to be awesome even though it's technically crap. It's like Power Rangers for adults. It doesn't get much more awesome than seeing Chuck Norris's pickup truck get blown up by an attack chopper, only to see him crawl out alive, shoot the chopper down with a bazooka, and then engage the pilot in a one-on-one fistfight to the death. The low point of Chuck Norris' career is still miles above Stephen Segal's "music career" or Jean Claud Van Damme getting a ***** on Brazillian TV from dancing provocatively with a wannabe dominatrix.

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