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American Pie: Beta House

Levy's gotta eat, doesn't he?

But the last one I saw was "Band Camp". They really ran this franchise into the ground.
I don't mind the sequels. 80's teen movies had sequels too, Porky's etc. so I don't mind watching it.
Why Eugene Levy? You're so much better than this :csad:
Levy's gotta eat, doesn't he?

But the last one I saw was "Band Camp". They really ran this franchise into the ground.
Band Camp was bad. I also disliked American Wedding (although I dislike Band Camp more). However its sequal The Naked Mile was better. I have Beta House, which is a direct sequal on Naked Mile, but I still have to watch it. I think American Pie 1 is the best of the serie.
I saw Band Camp sometime ago, it wasn't that bad, it was enjoyable, it's the type of film if you saw on TV you'd sit through because you had nothing better to do. However Beta House was just GOD AWFUL (I haven't seen Naked Mile), it is by far one of the worst movies I've had the displeasure of sitting through. It's not the fact that it isn't funny, I'll admit it does have its moments especially if you're with a group of people(hence I how I saw it) but it has no story/plot/structure at all, there's slim to none characterization, it's utterly pointless, the cinematography and editing are attrocious... This film is just bad...
Come on with the decomposed horse corpses already. I'm starting to get creeped out. :o
Another American Pie movie?

I'll just respond like everyone else in this thread;

The movie is awful... it follows on from The Naked Mile which was also bad
I don't get the hate toward Band Camp at least it was somewhat like American Pie, Beta House was like Animal House the Soft Core Porn version, low-production values and all:csad:

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