Anyone Watching Comanche Moon?


Aug 14, 2005
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I watched the first part, & it is surprisingly good. Steve Zahn so far is doing a great Duvall. Val Kilmer is on top of his game, & the atmosphere is great.

All the characters are interesting as well. With the exception of Inez. She is over acting a bit. Trying to hard to be a b**ch. But So far so good.:up:
not me ,but i told my brother in law about the show since hes a cowboy movie fan
I recorded it, I'll watch it at some point over the next couple days.
haven't seen "Lonesome Dove", but i watched the first part.
liked it enough to finish watching it.
Iwatched it and enjoyed it as well. Zahn and Kilmer are indeed very good.
Alright Apparently I am the only one that watched this, & loved it. There are very few TV movies that long that I can sit threw, & I don't start going through all the things I need to do the next day.

But I found myself genuinely careing about where these characters were going to end up, because I hadn't seen Lonesome Dove, so I had no idea where they were headed. Which I think is a good thing, becaue this mini series was all about character. What main story line there was, was thin.

This was about a bunch of different storylines intersecting. Sculls quest to kill Almada. Woodrow's complete lack of compassion for anyone (god I wanted to strangle him). McCrae's dealings with life in general. Buffalo Hump's battle with his son.

This made me want to watch Lonesome Dove now. Mainly because the last act of this mini series is pretty f-ing tragic for all involved. Some have a chance at redemption. Some don't.

Last thing. If Steve Zahn doesn't win an Emmy for this role. All is not right with this world. He did a Duvall almost better than Duvall. It was f-ing mind blowing.

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