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Art and Design Resources


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May 20, 2007
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Can I request we make this a Sticky. The one thing I haven't been able to find in this forum is a Resource section for artists to get ideas, inspirations, tutorials, workshops etc. Here's a few:

Royalty Free Images (Free)
Stock Exchange
Image After

Body Stock Images
http://mjranum-stock.deviantart.com/ (Free usage)
http://jademacalla.deviantart.com/ (Free Usage)
http://tasastock.deviantart.com/ (some restrictions)

CG Society (Digital Art)
Worth1000 (Photo Manipulation)
Good Tutorials (Photoshop)
Photoshop Cafe
Comic Art Community
Imagine FX (Fantasy Magazine, worth buying)
Epilogue (Fantasy Art)

John Howe: Fantasy Art Workshop (Amazon)
People and Poses (Amazon)
Drawing Cutting Edge Comics (Amazon)
Imaginistix - Vallejo and Bell (Amazon)
Fantasy Workshop - Vallejo and Bell (Amazon)
Ballistics Publishing - (Home page, Digital Art Books galore)
When Pancakes Go Bad - Optical Delusions in Photoshop (Amazon)

Feel free to add new links to help teach and inspire all artists.
wow!!! this is a plethora of awesome art-related links!! :up: :up:
Cheers dude, those are some great links. Thanks for posting. I already frequent most of them. But i'll be sure to give the rest a look.
www.deviantart.com just about everyone knows this one, but there are a lot of resources on the site. tutorials, brushes, stock, etc.

www.dafont.com if you're into posters or advertising, etc, the wide variety of fonts might be helpful.
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i think this thread will be really helpful. for now on, when i post a helpful link of something, i'm going to post it in a different color so that the links and stuff are easy to spot in this thread
This site is really good, tutorials galore covering just about every piece of known design software.


The following are Anatomy sites that require paid membership but are worth it if you're looking to improve your skills more. The images are also a very high resolution.

http://www.3d.sk/ (Membership is £19.95)
http://www.female-anatomy-for-artist.com/ (Membership is £19.95)

References for Comics
http://www.photo-reference-for-comic-artists.com/ (Membership is £6)
Another Anatomy site,


They sell books and CD's of models, but the difference is what you get is a Quicktime image with full 360 degress of rotation, so you can turn the image to an position you require.
If you're serious about your art, The Gnomon Workshop is for you.


Endless DVD's covering just about everything art related, concept art, illustration, 3D art, comic art, DVD's range in price.
Syn, mate, pose maniacs is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been searching for that all my life!!!!!!!!! well... at least for the last year or so... thanks so much!

No problemo bud. That's what i'm here for. :)
wow! thanks jmc, as kind as always :)
glad this was stickied :up:
thanks alot i forgot about these sites after i dropped out of art school

Why isn't this thread stickied anymore?
Bump again... I couldn't even find this thread in the Fan Art forum, I only found it by looking through my own post history to find a link to it. It must have been trapped in some kind of parallel dimension. This thread was stickied before the forums got rearranged and Fan Art got moved into the Fandom Come section, I don't know why it's not stickied now.
Some people have asked me about how I do up my art - specifically the stages and processes involved. And while I've done up tutorials in the past, they now seem a bit dated compared with my current technique.

So, I created This Tutorial of 8 easy steps to help people better understand how to create character art in Photoshop.

I hope you all dig it.

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