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Awesome SM Trilogy Music Vid!!!


No More Miracles
Aug 31, 2007
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this is a music video I found online on youtube; and while it may not be official, it can sure pass as one. I've seen many official music videos for movies and this one tops off most of them. This has got to be the best spiderman music vid I've seen since the official "hero" one for SM 1. Hats of to the editor for this vid

thats incredible. probably the best i have seen! Thanks for posting. :)
it was ok....not the best fan made music video i've seen but it's still pretty good.
Really good video. Albeit, I think the end should have focused on the climax of SM3 (as it seems to focus on Peter growing up and the villains being reflections and mirrors of who he could be) instead of mixing it with the climax of all 3, but a great video all around.
Good video, but it focused a little too much on SM3 in the middle.

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