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Bang, Bang You're Dead


Aug 25, 2006
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I came across this phenomenal film the other night. Really powerful with a great message that I believe should be shown in all high schools. Brought back a lot of memories, albiet painful memories... but, I'm sure everyone here can relate.

"Trevor Adams (Ben Foster) was a model student until extreme bullying drove him to threaten to bomb the high school football team. Now Trevor's a time bomb himself--troubled, misunderstood, and on the brink of committing real violence. This gritty, hard-hitting drama offers an authentic glimpse inside the post-Columbine high schools of America and the forces that can compel a teen to violence."

You can watch the movie (in entirety) on Youtube:


9 Parts in total.
Way better stage play than a movie. I don't know which came first(probably the play).

As a movie it works as for that kind of story for a play...lame.
Have you seen the play? No? Shut the **** up ;-)
Actually, I'm pretty sure- never seen the play- that they are two seperate entities. They are performing the play at the school, thus the name of the movie. I don't think there are any other connections with the play other than that though.

And I'm pretty sure the play came before the movie.

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