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Batman Year 100


Apr 10, 2004
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Who's read this?

I was drawn to Popes grimy art while browsing the Batman shelf in my LCS recently and I'm picking up the TPB tmr. It won an Eisner award but it seems to get pretty mixed reviews amongst Bat-fans.

A lot of readers seem to be disgruntled by the lack of answers by the end.
I like the idea of Batman's id not being revealed,- it makes him seem supernatural which I thought was always part of the persona he sought to portray.
I love the story. Extremely well written, perfectly paced. Definitely worth picking up!
I haven't read it yet, but the art alone made it a buy for me :up: A lot of people don't like Pope's interpretation of Batman, but I thought it was original and refreshing
I felt it was a pretty interesting read. And the artwork, while not influencing me to purchase it, never bothered me in the least bit. Of course, there are some elements I felt should have been expanded upon and what not, but overall I felt it was very decent book. The bit about Arkham's fate is creepy as hell...
its a great mix of realism and fiction and the art and costume design are cool.
I didn't want to read it because I was not a fan of the art/how Batman was drawn.

But my friend said it was good and let me borrow his TPB, and I couldn't put it down if I had to.

The art grew on me after every page I read. Such an intriguing story. I loved it, and the gritty art is awesome:)

its a great mix of realism and fiction and the art and costume design are cool.
I agree. That was my favorite. He should be the main writer. I want to see his potrayal of the DC universe as whole
I LOVE the art in Y:100, as I've said before the action scenes are like watching an Aeon Flux cartoon in motion, a manic and surreal sense on the page. I'm always fond of 'ugly' drawing styles as well, similair to Dennis Cowan and many others i can't exactly put my finger on right now.

When I first read the book the unresolved secret identity and the lack of background into the future world really pissed me right off. But then i realised that's half the point of the story and much of it's appeal. That said I also posted the following in the Reccomendation threads:

The only thing stopping Year 100 from being a GREAT tpb is it didn't really link the future to the present Gotham that we know. Cameos or explanations as to what happened to Catwoman, Joker, whomever else would've been great. I understand why the rushed pace and unconcluded mystery was important to the book, and I like it very much, but rather than detract from the story I think fleshing out the past could've enhanced themes of privacy and mystery. I.e. The old freakshow in Gotham has been stomped out, exposed, explained, locked away, dried up and reduced to dusty old history...the legend of the Batman however, lingers on. He not only outlasted his enemeies he's beaten the system as well.

Some more meat to the story, without muddling the themes of "secret identity" would have made the book more satisfying and complete and generally more "batman" - as it is it kind of leaves you feeling ripped off. This really could have been an alternate future on level with Frank Millers.

here's a thread from while the book was still coming out, peoples reactions to it
paul pope is currently one of my favorite batman artists. i have his black and white staute on my desk and i have ,y fingures crossed that he will get a dc direct figure down the line.the story couldve used a bit more fleshing out but i loved the stuff that tied it to year one.

but definitely one of the better bat books to come out in a while. its kinda sad that it didnt get more recognition.
The art is crazy awesome in Y:100. Hell the Black and White statue based on Paul Pope's drawing is crazy nice.
With all this Year 100 talk I decided to start reading my copy finally. I'm halfway through and I think it's great so far. People who are upset they don't reveal Batman's identity really don't understand the whole point behind this book.
his identity is revealed at the end. it just raises a damn lot of questions.
I loved this story I hope that one day DC decides to publish an absolute edition.
his identity is revealed at the end. it just raises a damn lot of questions.

I doubt Gordon really knew what he was talking about there. It could mean anything. He could be under the impression it's still Bruce and Batman merely lets him believe it. It could be his son with the same name. Maybe they adopt the name as they become Batman. I think Gordon just read the file, found the name and tested it when they met. The story works better if it's vague so I choose to believe that Gordon was simply satisfied knowing the past but not the present.
I liked the art but I wasnt a huge fan of the story.
i think it implies that the world needs a batman and batman will find a way to continue his mission. any logical attempt for bruce still being alive let alone batman would just seem stupid or a cop out ala lazarus pit. Gordon read ALL of his grandfathers files on him, and likely any personal thoughts he had on batman. im sure he knew everything, maybe even how he was still alive.

on a side note, its cool that this story fits itself in with frank millers TKR series along with all batman continuity. its so far ahead that there are no continuity errors. paul pope rocks
Got it yesterday, read the first chapter I'm feelin it.

One part I really liked, I think near the begining of chapter 2 was the part where Gordon and the GCPD go over what they have on Bats and it references TDKR.

So it's in the same continuity which I like, it's just that for his first app to be actually referenced as being 1939 and then to reference 1986 as when he took on the mutants, it does not fit. Even if he was 20 years old in 1939 by 1986 he would be 67, not 55 as he is in TDKR.

Still, I appreciated YR100 linking the whole mythos / alternate future together.
Great story, reminded me off the first time I read DKR. Just as great!
I really liked the artwork and the visual mood of the story, but the story itself, when you get right down to it, is just a regular batman story with the added gimmick of being in the future. which is fine if thats all you want as a reader, but I kind of expected more after the excellent first chapter and the promising premise... eh.
Can't batman use the lazarus pit to stay young...or some other crazt DC science thing

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