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Nov 14, 2003
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One of my "MySpace" friends is a reporter for the Metropolis(IL) Planet. Here is a copy of the bulletin she sent me...

The City of Metropolis is looking for the perfect “Man of Steel” for its 30th Annual Superman Celebration, which will take place June 12 through 15.
On March 15th, 2008, Metropolis Superman hopefuls will be able to log onto www. searchforsuperman. com to upload their Superman audition videos; cape and tights are highly encouraged.

“It takes a special person to portray Superman in Metropolis,” says Karla Ogle, chairperson of the 30th Annual Superman Celebration. One may think a good physical build would ensure a good Superman, but in Metropolis personality plays a big part in who Superman will be. “We have a lot of children that come to the Superman Celebration, so our Superman must be a social person that can interact with children, teenagers, and adults alike,” says Ogle. As stated in the rules, “The person selected to portray Metropolis’ Superman must best represent what Superman stands for: Truth, Justice and the American Way. Every answer and comment must be true to what Superman might say.”

Applicants must have their auditions submitted no later than April 26th, 2008. Fans will then have the opportunity to vote online for their favorite choice from April 27th until May 10th. The Top 5 fan favorites will be revealed on May 12th. The Search for Superman Committee will then review the auditions of the Top 5 and select the 2008 Metropolis Superman. That person will not only receive the honor of being the 2008 Superman for the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL, he will also receive a check for $1000.00, round-trip travel expense to Metropolis for the Celebration, a Superman of Metropolis Award, six night stay in Metropolis, and a personal assistant during the Superman Celebration.

For more information go to www. searchforsuperman. com starting March 15th or www. supermancelebration. net.
Sorry to see Cranford go....he was a good Supes.

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